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Precise prevention and control, and do our best to ensure the production and life services of the people- China Daily

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Over the past few days, all localities have continued to implement the ninth edition of the detailed prevention and control plan and the twenty-point measures, making every effort to ensure the production and living services of the people, and doing their best to provide convenience for the people to seek medical treatment and daily necessities.

On December 1, the fencing facilities on many main roads in the urban area of ​​Guangzhou were all removed, the traffic flow increased significantly, and public transportation such as subways and buses resumed operation. At present, except for a few high-risk areas that are accurately delineated in Guangzhou, the rest are managed as low-risk areas. In addition, medical units at all levels in Guangzhou have adopted measures such as increasing the time for experts to see doctors on a staggered peak, to fully guarantee the medical needs of patients still in high-risk areas.

Mr. Wu, a citizen of Guangzhou: My father is 85 years old this year. A few days ago, the abdominal aortic aneurysm ruptured. Under the background of the current epidemic prevention and control, we all understand and support the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In Majiabao Street, Fengtai District, Beijing, the community health service center carried out online inspections for people at home, and gave corresponding treatment in a timely manner according to the actual situation.

Citizens of Beijing: The epidemic is sealed off at home, and the streets, communities, and your medical workers are all concerned about us and have provided various conveniences.

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Isolation does not separate love, and epidemic prevention has warmth. The Dadukou District of Chongqing City has launched a “Taxi Security Vehicle Group” to provide services for people who go out to seek medical treatment in the sealed-off area, and 356 people have been picked up. In order to facilitate the travel of passengers, Anhui Province set up 22 nucleic acid testing channels during the peak passenger flow of Bengbu South Railway Station, and Suzhou City issued color inspection passes at each expressway crossing to guide vehicles to pass quickly. Zunyi City, Guizhou Province explored the establishment of a precise grid prevention and control network of “community + grid + joint household unit” to realize joint households and people for epidemic prevention and control. personnel and other key personnel, establish a demand list during the epidemic prevention and control period, and strengthen service guarantee.

Yu Wen, a resident of Guihua Community, Guihuaqiao Street, Bozhou District, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province: The current epidemic prevention and control is becoming more and more humane and refined. If there is an epidemic in the community, whichever building has it will be closed. It is more convenient for other residents, and basically it will not be affected. We understand and support the measures for epidemic prevention and control. Everyone should unite to overcome the epidemic. Difficulties, I believe that the epidemic will be overcome.

[Responsible editor: Shao Bingqi]

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