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President Biden Extends State of Emergency in Hong Kong, Prompting Strong Reaction from China

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President Biden Extends State of Emergency in Hong Kong for Another Year

In a move that has drawn considerable attention, President Joe Biden has announced the extension of the state of emergency concerning the situation in Hong Kong for an additional year. This decision comes on the third anniversary of the implementation of the controversial Internet National Security Law in the region.

The extension of the state of emergency signifies the ongoing concerns of the United States regarding the deteriorating political landscape in Hong Kong. It also reflects the Biden administration’s commitment to protecting the human rights and democratic values that have come under threat in the region.

Radio International reported on Commissioner Xie Feng’s response to the announcement. As the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in Hong Kong, Xie urged the U.S. to immediately abandon what he referred to as the “delusion of using Hong Kong to contain China.” His statement reflects the increasingly tense relationship between the two nations, with Hong Kong being a significant point of contention.

The state of emergency declaration by the United States highlights the growing concerns over China’s tightening grip on the former British colony. Intensified crackdowns on pro-democracy activists, the stifling of free speech, and the erosion of autonomy have all contributed to the international community’s unease.

The International Oriental Daily News also reported on the extension, emphasizing the significance of the state of emergency being prolonged for yet another year. The decision underscores the United States‘ continued commitment to holding China accountable for its actions in Hong Kong.

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The situation in Hong Kong has sparked global debates and necessitated various responses. Countries such as the United States have imposed sanctions, while others, like Malaysia, have expressed concerns but refrained from taking extensive measures.

As the state of emergency extends, it is clear that the situation in Hong Kong remains a critical issue in the eyes of the international community. President Biden’s decision signifies the United States‘ determination to support the people of Hong Kong and preserve the freedoms they once enjoyed. The world will continue to monitor the developments in the region, waiting to see if this extension will result in meaningful change or further escalations.

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