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President La Russa commemorates the victims of Ischia

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President La Russa commemorates the victims of Ischia

Dear senators, between 25 and 26 November, after a day of pouring rain, the fragile soil of the island of Ischia gave way under the weight of the debris which, starting from Mount Epomeo, descended towards the sea, overwhelming the small Municipality of Casamicciola Terme and destroying houses, businesses, cars, roads. Unfortunately, however, this devastating and unstoppable landslide also caused numerous victims. Eight ascertained so far, to which are added other important numbers: the missing … 4, the injured … 5 and the displaced, as many as 230. A number that unfortunately seems destined to rise.
It is not the first time that this wonderful land, known throughout the world for its natural beauty and the hospitality of its people, has been hit so violently: the history of Ischia, in fact, has been marked several times by environmental tragedies also due to illegal construction. But this is not and should not be the place or the time to look for those responsible. The Authorities will be in charge of ascertaining the facts.
This is the moment of condolences and of the strong and sincere closeness that the Senate Hall today wishes to render to the relatives of the victims, the wounded, the displaced. To anyone who lost someone or something that night.
Let me also thank the many people from the Civil Defence, the Fire Brigade, the Armed Forces, the Police Forces and the simple volunteers who have committed themselves without sparing efforts from the very first moments: who with the means and tools provided and who with bare hands. Many have done and are still doing everything to ensure that this tragedy has less important numbers.
Our gratitude goes to all of them.
My wish, our wish, is that this land will soon be able to start again. Without forgetting this huge tragedy which must remain as a warning for the future, understanding the mistakes made but avoiding repeating them in the future so as to give hope back to the population of Ischia.
But to start again, work in unison is necessary, which includes both the willpower of the citizens of Ischia but also the readiness and reliability of the institutions, from central to local ones. To them, to us, an important role is entrusted for this island and for its inhabitants. Let’s not disappoint them.
This – we said – is the moment of condolences and closeness and it is for Eleonora Sirabella, 31 years old; Michele Monti 15 years; Francesco Monti, 11 years old; Maria Teresa Monti, 6 years old; Maurizio Scotto Di Minico, 32 years old; Giovanna Mazzella, 30; Giovangiuseppe Scotto Di Minico, 22 days; Nikolinka Ganceva Blagova, 58 years old; that I now ask this Chamber for a minute’s silence. Thank you

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