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President Petro proposes establishing a ‘Zero Waste’ program for the entire country

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On the afternoon of this January 30, President Petro proposed establish the ‘Zero Waste’ program throughout the countrywhich seeks to remunerate traditional recyclers throughout the country and reduce cleaning service fees.

Petro made the announcement in the act of inauguration of Ruth Maritza Quevedo, new Commissioner of the Commission for the Regulation of Drinking Water and Basic Sanitationwhich took place in the Protocol Hall of the Casa de Nariño.

In this regard, President Petro said: “Let’s establish some paths that are essential for ‘Zero Waste’ to exist in Colombia, in such a way that we do not help, by maintaining profits, some particular greed, to aggravate the problems of global warming and, therefore, the climate crisis of the world.

Said initiative, explained Gustavo Petro, It consists of initiating a process through which waste will be reused in order to stop and mitigate the consequences of the climate crisis throughout the planet.

And added that “both on the issue of cleaning and water, we have had political tensions and a debate that, in a Government of Change, has to be processed in such a way that we guarantee the right to life through the right to drinking water” .

In turn, he asked the newly inaugurated, that the Commission present to the President of the Republic the resolutions that will be signed so that ‘Zero Waste’ is established in the country as a mandatory program, “That really remunerates traditional recyclers in all corners of Colombia and that substantially decreases traditional cleaning services that take waste to open pits and burial sites, which are now called sanitary landfills.”

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