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President Xi Jinping’s Vision for the Future: Asia-Pacific Cooperation and Prosperity

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The 30th APEC Leaders’ Informal Meeting in San Francisco, USA, was a significant event that has had a positive and warm response from the international community. President Xi Jinping’s speech at the meeting, entitled “Stick to the Original Aspirations, Unite and Cooperate to Work Together to Promote High-Quality Growth in the Asia-Pacific,” has triggered widespread interest and support.

In his speech, President Xi Jinping urged leaders in the Asia-Pacific region to respond to global challenges and shoulder greater responsibilities of the times. He emphasized the importance of Asia-Pacific economic cooperation and the future of global economic growth, pointing out the direction for deepening cooperation in the region and painting a blueprint for its future development.

The speech has been met with deep appreciation from leaders and experts from various countries. Zemir Awan, the founding chairman of the Global Silk Road Research Alliance, praised President Xi Jinping for his profound understanding of development trends and his focus on the prospects of Asia-Pacific economic cooperation.

Mankevich, the chairman of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, emphasized the importance of the Asia-Pacific region and its future development direction, saying that achieving ambitious goals requires persistence in dialogue, mutual respect, mutual understanding, and mutual benefit.

President Xi Jinping also emphasized the need for innovation-driven, open-oriented, green development, and inclusive sharing to achieve common prosperity in the Asia-Pacific. His vision has received strong support from Eduardo Zilly, an international politics researcher at the Autonomous University of Mexico City, who agrees with the emphasis on innovation-driven approaches.

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The speech also highlighted China’s commitment to deepening cooperation with other countries in various fields to achieve high-quality development and mutual benefit in the region. This commitment has been recognized and welcomed by experts and researchers from various countries.

President Xi Jinping’s speech at the APEC Leaders’ Informal Meeting has laid out a clear direction for the future development of the Asia-Pacific region and has been widely praised for its vision and practicality. It has also demonstrated China’s commitment to inclusive and sustainable development, promoting international cooperation for the benefit of all.

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