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Press review of Friday March 17, 2023: Tensions on the foreign exchange market in Kinshasa – Capsud.net

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Press review of Friday March 17, 2023: Tensions on the foreign exchange market in Kinshasa – Capsud.net

The newspapers published in Kinshasa, this Friday, March 17 return to the Congolese economy with the foreign exchange market.

On the foreign exchange market, we observe a certain lull. The national currency, the Congolese franc, appreciated slightly against the dollar.

At the Central Bank of Congo (BCC), the teams are on high alert to prepare for any eventuality. This, strong of the important cushion of currencies available to the DRC. International reserves amounting to more than four billion US dollars.

Serene, the Governor of the BCC is confident about the capacity of the Bank. It is keen to ease tensions in the foreign exchange market.

Already, the Central Bank reassures that it is always ready to use the instruments at its disposal. This was to significantly dampen the wave of speculation. And who wins the forex market, pushing up domestic prices

After a period of high tension, reports Econews, calm is timidly returning to the foreign exchange market. At the Central Bank of Congo, we welcome this without however declaring victory.

Indeed, the Congolese franc is beginning to recover ground against the US dollar. There has been a relative lull in the foreign exchange market for some time.

Meanwhile, at the BCC, we are reassured that we have done everything we can. This, to avoid a fluctuation that could affect the price of goods and services.

Quoted by the ACPMalangu Kabedi-Mbuyi, Governor of the BCC, reassures that the situation remains under control.

On the security level in eastern DRC, informs Forum of Aces Nairobi IV se tiendra
in eastern DRC.

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Armed groups and the government will hold peace talks in eastern DRC in the coming weeks. This will take place after three initial meetings in Kenya.

Still on the security level, for eight months, the military governor of North Kivu, informs AfricaNews, Constant Ndima Kongba returns to his post as commander of the 3rd defense zone. Thus, this general becomes head of operations in the province of North Kivu.

Has MONUSCO been instructed to observe neutrality? Wonders Prosperity.

Congo Newloop with an unsuitable decision by Ngobila on lowering public transport prices.

Despite this decision, the price of public transport remains a headache for the Congolese population. To move to Kinshasa you need at least 10,000 FC. Because, each driver of the vehicles sets the transport price according to his mood. The same route taken at noon at 1000 FC, in the evening the price becomes 2000, 2500 FC.


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