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Preview: Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore

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Preview: Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore
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Thursday March 30, 2023

The creation of intelligent applications such as chatbots, recommendation systems and other transactional workloads is high on the to-do list of many developers due to the rapid growth in AI. Because companies increasingly need cost-effective and modern ways of interacting with their customers.

A powerful, intelligent application requires a data strategy that includes deep querying and real-time responsiveness. Azure Cosmos DB belongs to Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform – an overarching end-to-end platform that enables customers to innovate anywhere without constraint. The speed and scalability of Azure Cosmos DB allows you to modernize your MongoDB data in an open-source compatible cloud.

With the new service Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore As a developer you get a familiar architecture with native integration with many Azure services, low costs and advanced database query functions with full-text search for chatbots and other intelligent applications. Designed specifically for MongoDB developers, the service offers an alternative to the original one Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB Throughput Request Unit (RU)-Architecture.

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