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Pride, the Rumore of rights returns to Rome. “Come to the square to defend everyone’s”

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Pride, the Rumore of rights returns to Rome.  “Come to the square to defend everyone’s”

It will be a Pride with so much noise, with a capital R, not only to “return to make us heard after two years of silence and pandemic”, but also to remember Raffaella Carrà, beloved icon-godmother of LGBTQ + rights, who passed away a year ago, last July. “Take off your helmet and put your helmet on” will in fact be the slogan of a historic chariot, the chariot of Mario Mieli, the first (and heroic) center of homosexual culture in Rome, recalling in a cheerful and mocking way Raffaella’s platinum hair.

It will be a Gay Pride full of symbols what tomorrow, Saturday 11 Junewith twenty floats, dozens of delegations and thousands of people will leave at 15.30 from Republic square to fill Rome with the gay pride parade, godmother, this year, Elodie, “I’m happy to be the right part”, she said, “music unites not divides”. Wine-colored suit, afro hairstyle, Elodie was the guest star of the presentation press conference Roma Pride 2022edition number 28. “Let’s go back with our bodies to the streets of Rome, to start being visible again, we will make a noise so that we can talk again about our denied rights, about the law against homophobia that doesn’t exist, about the children of families homogenitorial without rights “, says Mario Colamarino, president of the club Mario Mieli and spokesperson for Roma Pride, “because we are tired of being treated by second-class citizens”.

The “Repubblica” banner

Among the delegations of this Pride that relaunches the battle for homosexual rights with tenacity 53 years after the Stonewall revolution, there will also be a banner of “Repubblica”. And from the chariot stage of the Roma Pride, Elodie, a Roman singer, will sing, among other songs, “Bagno a midnight”, which has become the anthem of Pride 2022. “I am proud, excited and happy to demonstrate and celebrate with you, it is important always remember that we are all equal, rights are essential for the human being “. It can manifest itself in many ways, Elodie recalls, “even if I make pop music, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care much about my social and political commitment”.

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Elodie: “Happy to be on the right side”

After all, the political figure of Pride is often irony, irreverence, transgression but also art, music. “We are coming back and we will make some noise” the organizers promise. “I think that through my music you can sense my basic freedom, I try to express myself even outside the songs to make people understand who I am and what I think. I’m happy to be on the right side”, he said Elodie amid the applause, the Roman accent of those who grew up in the hamlet of Quartaccio and then flew to the world. When the questions touch the theme of homophobia, Elodie attacks: “I don’t want to open Salvini’s speech, but when I read and hear certain things, I can’t help but react. I really don’t want to hear them, because they are beyond the basis of the correctness of a human being. Every time Pride is an exciting time because you all feel like you are part of a big family. “

The chariot of Weather in Muccassassina, historical symbol of homosexual club culture, will have as its theme “Peace and Love”, because from Pride, Mario Colamarino recalled, “we want to convey our solidarity to the Ukrainian people, to Ukrainian LGBTQ + friends who are experiencing a double war on their skin, that of bombs and that of exclusion “. “Thanks to the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri who will participate in the Pride and supported us throughout the organization, in five years the mayor Raggi has never come to our events “.

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Welcome Pride then, Rome is back for an “open city” day.

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