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Priest against Krampus, ‘more Baby Jesus and fewer demons’ – News

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Priest against Krampus, ‘more Baby Jesus and fewer demons’ – News

“More Christkind and less Krampus.

More Baby Jesus and less demons”. This is the invitation of Don Toni Fiung, spiritual assistant for the family of the diocese of Bolzano Bressanone, in view of the traditional parades of the Krampus, the demons who oppose the figure of Saint Nicholas, organized in these days in various locations in Alto Adige. The parades sometimes degenerate into episodes of violence.

“Depictions of violence are in the nature of Krampus,” says Fiung, noting that “Krampus is always a male figure” who “in many places uses brute force on those they capture, including women.” “This too is sexualized violence – observes the priest – At a time when we are oppressed by war and economic threats, we should focus much more on what is good for us, on what makes us feel reconciled and on what makes you feel joy.”

“I increasingly wonder why people need spectacle and horror at this time of year, when the Advent season is desired as a quiet time. What image are we conveying to our children and young people?” “The beautiful message of Saint Nicholas is being lost. Saint Nicholas is becoming a barely recognized joke figure and legitimizes violence with sweets and other sweets”, concludes Fiung who calls for “more Christkind and less Krampus”.

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