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Primaries, transition and political agreement

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Primaries, transition and political agreement
The primary is not a party process

It never hurts to emphasize it, primaries in a democracy are not the same as primaries in a dictatorship, and this means that the regime will do everything in its power to make them fail. Ideally, the opposition would already have a consensus candidate, a prestigious woman or man, accepted by the main political and social forces, proven and consistent in these twenty years of struggle. We simply don’t have it, and that’s why what I call “unified consensus” must emerge from the results of the primaries. This “consensus in unity” is not born alone, it must be built with patience, dedication and a positive desire. It begins with the treatment between the contenders, since they should not be considered as “others” but as “us”. Trust and solidarity, where everyone is needed and no one should be discarded. Ideology (if you prefer to call it doctrine, as liberals want, I have no objection), without pretending that it is much less sacrificed, must be subordinated to praxis, the constructive will over the destructive will. Lincoln’s famous saying comes to mind, which is valid for what I want to convey here: “I will not do anything evil. What I deal with is too big to handle maliciously.”

There are many challenges that are presented to us; immediately, the construction of the Common Minimum Program, because so that there are no doubts about my position, the next government must be a transitional government, and therefore the elaboration of this program must be something serious, very serious, a true, felt and internalized agreement between all applicants. It does not mean shortening the hands of the elected leader, but the deep conviction that everyone, leaders, political forces and civil society, through a deliberative process, be consulted. I think that the hateful distinction that one hears on the street, between pure leaders and impure leaders, radical leaders and conciliatory leaders, consistent leaders and inconsistent leaders, should disappear. Everyone is needed, they are necessary in what I call the “unity consensus”.

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I consider insidious, despite its harmless appearance, the advice that distinguishes supporters of cohabitation from their adversaries, as if the former were false opponents and the latter were true combatants of the dictatorship. Cohabitation in politics means co-governing, since it is not proposed that any true democratic opponent intends to participate in the government within the rules imposed by the dictatorship.

In short, primaries and transition must be seen together, and therefore march together in a shared strategy, that is my point of view. The opposition has opted for a peaceful, electoral, democratic and constitutional solution, which means the clear definition of goals and objectives, and the assumption of rules and norms that institutional coercion (and I mean the Constitution) imposes on us. Any other way out at this time is a leap into the void, a dangerous blunder that only leads to violence and even, I say it with full conviction, even to fratricidal war. Along this path, some adventurer would try to convince us that in Venezuela, historical periods end with cannon fire. Apart from the fact that it has not always been like this (the transition from the long tyranny of Gómez demonstrates it), it is not the best consolation for the difficult situation we are going through.

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