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Princess Kate’s uncle will participate in British ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, despite heavy criticism from his family

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There is trouble again within the British royal family. Princess Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith is reportedly going to take part in Celebrity Big Brother and he is not being appreciated. The British royals are afraid that he will reveal family secrets.

Bron: The Sun, The Daily MailGisteren om 11:47

Gary Goldsmith (58) is said to have signed a lucrative deal with TV channel ITV regarding his participation in Celebrity Big Brother, which starts on Monday. If we can believe the British tabloids, it is mainly Kate Middleton’s parents who verbally abused Goldsmith. “He was the Levites read by Kate’s mother Carol and her father Michael,” an insider told The Sun. “They’re not happy about him going to Celebrity Big Brother. It’s frustrating for them. Kate doesn’t need this stress.”

The timing could hardly be worse. Princess Kate is currently recovering from a major operation on her abdomen. The reason for the operation has not been announced, but Prince William’s wife will be out of action until Easter, which is causing the rumor mill across the Channel to spin. The craziest conspiracy theories are doing the rounds: the operation went completely wrong, or it was an aesthetic procedure. According to some rumors, Kate is even kicking an alcohol addiction. To be clear: there are no indications in that direction.

It forced the royals to send out another (vague) update on Friday. “Kensington Palace made it clear in January how long the Princess’s recovery would take and that we would only provide important updates. That directive remains in force.” They did add that Kate continues to do “well”.

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Moreover, King Charles is also still undergoing treatment for cancer.

According to the source with whom The Sun spoke, Goldsmith, who is the black sheep of the family anyway, is going into the Big Brother house against the wishes of his family. He is said to have told friends that he will not say anything that could harm Kate or William. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle may come off worse: Goldsmith has often made negative comments about the couple in the past.

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