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Prison, Cisl Fnp attacks: “Unsustainable situation for prison officers”

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Prison, Cisl Fnp attacks: “Unsustainable situation for prison officers”

Robert Da Re’s denunciation: 320 accumulated rest periods for various reasons, 5,700 days of holidays not taken, chronic staff shortage exceeding 20%

BELLUNO. Situation at the limit in the prison of Belluno. To denounce the problem is once again the CISL Fnp which, on the occasion of the feast of San Basilide, patron saint of the Penitentiary Police Corps, rattles off some numbers relating to the operating personnel in the Belluno prison, where, for two years now, despite various complaints, the staff has been forced to undertake countless hours of overtime and to give up holidays and rest to ensure order and safety within the walls. The numbers are merciless: 320 accumulated rests for various reasons, 5,700 days of unused holidays, with a chronic shortage of staff that exceeds 20%. Against a planned staff of 95 policemen – however insufficient staff for the Fns – 76 workers are active.

“It is only thanks to the self-denial and sense of duty of women and men in uniform that the Belluno prison can handle”, explains Robert Da Re of the CISL Fns Belluno Treviso, “certainly not thanks to the managers, who actually contribute to the malfunctioning of the system, as well as health care, which does not facilitate the task of prison policemen, since, unlike what has been proclaimed in recent months by the Ulss itself, there is no H24 medical coverage: many are absences from doctors, sometimes There are also 24-hour gaps, periods during which the service personnel have to do their best, especially with psychiatric ‘prison patients’. Situation that should be taken seriously by the figures in charge, but inexplicably fugitives “.

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The Fns asked the Superintendency for the Penitentiary Administration of the Triveneto for the help of personnel in order to dispose of the innumerable rights set aside due to the Belluno police and at the same time the closure of the psychiatric section, which – against all principles – continues to remain active, exposing both prisoners and service personnel are at great risk. The CISL Security Federation has also asked for the closure of the protected section, opened on an exceptional basis and provisionally in 2020, but after two years still active and overcrowded.

«Requirements to be taken urgently», Da Re concludes, «not as usual after the occurrence of irreparable events. If any prison policeman suffers physical or legal damage due to the neglect of the Penitentiary Administration towards the reality of Belluno, we will be the first to report those responsible “.

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