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Prison emergency, more than double the number of prisoners in the ER – Emilia-Romagna

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Prison emergency, more than double the number of prisoners in the ER – Emilia-Romagna

Antigone: ‘Promoting access to alternative measures’

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, APRIL 20 – Overcrowding alarm in the prisons of Emilia-Romagna where there are 114% more prisoners, men and women, compared to the maximum capacity of the prisons: more than double, therefore, the theoretical places available. The figure emerged from the annual report of the regional guarantor for persons deprived of personal freedom Roberto Cavalieri, during the Equality and Rights Commission chaired by Federico Alessandro Amico.

In Emilia-Romagna there are 3,339 prisoners, of which 48% are foreigners (60% of whom come from the Maghreb). Just over 4% are women (of which four were imprisoned during the year together with their minor children). 35% of inmates have sentences that would allow access to alternative measures, while 190 (of which 51 over 70) are life prisoners, 70% of whom are held in Parma, the city that hosts a high-security prison also structured for the management of prisoners under 41bis.

At least 50% of prisoners have experienced an act of self-harm at least once. Also noteworthy is the shortage of prison police personnel. During 2022, Cavalieri received over 400 reports of requests for intervention, visited numerous prison facilities, primarily that of Castelfranco Emilia, and distributed to inmates the vademecum created to inform them of what rights they enjoy, primarily on the possibility of accessing alternative measures.

“The regulatory capacity of prisons is an accordion and even a simple building renovation can create considerable inconvenience. The problem of overcrowding inevitably also reverberates on the people who work in the structure, with significant work overloads”, explains the guarantor Roberto Cavalieri.

Concern for the situation in Emilia-Romagna prisons is also expressed by Elia De Caro, president of the Antigone association, who reiterates the importance of promoting access to alternative methods to detention.


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