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Proceeds from road fines are falling: the speed camera in Candaten takes fewer photos

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Proceeds from road fines are falling: the speed camera in Candaten takes fewer photos

Mayor Deon satisfied: “We installed it precisely to push to slow down and avoid accidents”

IF I SAY. Income from penalties for violations of the highway code in the municipality of Sedico are falling. In the first six months of 2022, approximately 64 thousand euros entered the coffers of the Municipality.

As usual, in these days the accounting office has published a determination that serves, in essence, to take stock of the situation in the middle of the year. The financial statements, therefore, are not definitive (the assessments found only concern the period from January 1st to June 30th) but already allows us to draft a first comparison with the previous year.

“In 2022, until June 30, 64 thousand euros were ascertained”, confirms the mayor of Sedico, Stefano Deon, referring to the determination published in the register in recent days, “while for the whole of 2021 176 thousand euros had been ascertained “. To be exact, of these 64,000 euros, 41,789 euros were entered in the chapter relating to violations of the highway code committed by families and 22,987 relate to the chapter on penalties for violations committed by companies.

In perspective, therefore, 2022 seems destined to give less pain to motorists who pass through the streets of the municipality of Sedico and, in particular, to those who travel along the 203 Agordina.

«It is difficult to make a comparison with the past», explains the first citizen of Sedicense, «but it seems that there is a slight decrease in the penalties that mainly derive from the Candaten speed camera. This is not a bad thing, as the instrument was installed to try to slow down the cars and prevent accidents ».

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The local police office sends the data flow containing the minutes every fortnight to the company entrusted with the administrative management of violations service, which then proceeds to print and invite by post within ten days.

Judging by the lower income compared to last year, therefore, the speed camera seems to have had, at least in part, the desired effect, that of convincing you to take your foot off the accelerator.

The existing station was further upgraded a couple of years ago to allow the detection of vehicle speed in both directions and thus help to solve the speed problem in a stretch of road that in the past has been the scene of accidents several times. .

In recent months, the municipal administration had also taken steps to equip the municipal police with a license plate reader to verify that the vehicles circulating on the streets of the Sedicense area are in order. “As for the instrument, read plates”, concludes Deon, “it was purchased and is in the testing and calibration phase”

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