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Prof hit by dots, boy’s parents ready to sue – Veneto

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Prof hit by dots, boy’s parents ready to sue – Veneto

Legal, ‘there were apologies, teacher always on the media’

They are not there to see their son always in the dock, and now the parents of the boy who last October fired a few rubber pellets at Professor Maria Cristina Finatti during a lesson at the Viola Marchesini technical institute in Rovigo are starting a counterattack . The family remained silent for months, letting the boy pay for that act that had shocked and indignant him, for which the intervention of the Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara was also solicited, who a few days ago induced the council of class to lower the grade in conduct given to the boy from 9 to 7, after the 5 that had been imposed on him in the first four months and above all the deed. Now, however, the family has announced that it may be forced to resort to legal proceedings if the “media process” does not stop, also fueled by the teacher’s public statements. And she says she is willing to take action both in criminal and civil proceedings, for defamation in the press and to see compensation for the moral damages suffered by the boy, due to ‘untruthful’ news circulated. Today the family lawyer, the Rovigo lawyer Nicola Bergamini, wanted to shed light on some circumstances which, according to him, were not told correctly. “Up to now the family has never wanted to expose themselves – he wanted to reiterate – in order not to feed the media process, but the teacher’s presence in the media is constant. And the information provided by Finatti about their son is absolutely inaccurate, if not downright false “. The parents don’t dispute the episode, on the contrary, but they want to deny the story according to which their boy hasn’t repented, that there hasn’t been a re-educational process. “He apologized personally and together with his family – said Bergamini – on various occasions, starting from the very day of the episode. As soon as he got home he sent an email to the teacher, who had dropped out of school, immediately apologizing, asking a telephone contact to apologize in person. Professor Finatti answered after an hour, she appreciated that the boy had realized the seriousness of the fact and accepted the apology, so much so that she did not consider a personal meeting necessary”. In the following days she “met her at school and apologized again. The parents went to school to apologize”. What the family disputes with Finatti “is that she repeats that she feels abandoned, she always speaks generically about school. Since the teacher’s media presence is constant, she is free to do so, but the months go by and all the media and televisions they tell things that are not true. We complain because he is causing damage to the boy, who is portrayed as a ‘monster’. Yet he has done and is continuing to do volunteer work, because he thinks the re-education process is right. You say that the boys they shot her ‘to show off on social networks’, but the boy has never had any profile on any social network. If we continue to generalize about the boy’s conduct that is not true, the family will want to protect his image, both in criminal proceedings what a civil one”, concluded the lawyer Bergamini.

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