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Professional soldier was murdered by a woman in the middle of a fight – news

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Professional soldier was murdered by a woman in the middle of a fight – news

After the meeting with the president, Gustavo Petro Urrego, the governor of Meta, Rafaela Cortés Zambrano, stated that, faced with the need to begin to intervene in the critical points of the road to the Llano, it was concluded that those who have greater progress in studies and designs, they will be prioritized, so that through the National Disaster Risk Management Unit (UNGRD) the economic resources necessary for its execution are released.

“The president told the minister: we have a bag from the Risk Management Unit, let’s keep spending.” He says that it is not enough, but he has already given the way for us to start executing those critical points.”stated the leader of the people of Metense.

In this sense, the Minister of Transportation, William Camargo Triana, made reference to the fact that between 5 and 6 critical points already have significant progress, which is why they will be analyzed in a working group that will be carried out with the (UNGRD) and the Ministry of Finance.

Currently, there is a pool of resources that the Government has already allocated to cover interventions in this area and in others in the country, which is being reviewed by the Ministry of Finance and Risk Management, based on the studies and designs it has. the Invías.

These critical points are part of the 16 already identified (out of a total of 55) and that have greater urgency to be intervened, and for which an investment of 383 billion pesos is necessary.

Likewise, during the meeting the need to explore other forms of connectivity for the region was raised, such as, for example, the commuter train that would initially connect Puerto Gaitán and Villavicencio, which has been one of the proposals that the president has expressed. on various occasions.

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Source: Government of Meta

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