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Professional unemployment

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Professional unemployment

By: Luis Alfonso Albarracín Palomino

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When young people finish grade 11 in secondary basic education institutions, they leave with high expectations to enter higher education. Their parents’ expectations are to see them as professionals so that they have the option of accessing employment in the public or private sectors, in order for them to become independent in their personal support. While studying in universities, everything is illusion in family units. When they graduate, they go to the ceremony to receive their professional title and the following Monday they begin to prepare their resumes to present to a friendly politician, the governor or the mayor so that they can be given the opportunity to be hired in the employment service modality. services, or failing that to apply for vacancies offered by business organizations.

The reality of the labor market is quite worrying in the country. As our ancestors said, there are no beds for so many people. These sectors mentioned offer few job opportunities. The disappointment is capital in their families. In Neiva, the offices of the mayor, governor of Huila, and other departments, there are endless processions of applicants, seeking to be given a job. The disappointment is high. Many are beginning to become disillusioned with the candidates they supported during their election days. Although the labor observatory of the Ministry of National Education dates back to 2020, it is observed that of the 426,735 graduates from Colombian universities, 320,599 were contributing to the social security system. It is worth clarifying that 50% of these have been holding operational positions in public and private entities.

Likewise, 120,257 were public sector contributors and 200,342 were private sector contributors. Add to these figures the graduates from previous years. It’s quite worrying. The social and economic reality of the country presents a situation that does not allow the current labor market to meet this supply of qualified labor. It is worth commenting on these figures: 138,182 are women and 182,417 are men. Although Dane does not present us with optimistic figures, the reality that the new generations are experiencing is quite worrying. Pessimistic indicators reflect that we are in a moment of decline in most economic indicators. The golden birds that they painted for us in the past, the national government, has not fulfilled all the promises that sought to continue with the path of growth that the Colombian economy brought. The government’s actions have been inferior to the expectations that had been formed in the minds of the constituents who supported them to come to power. Let us remember that the economic dynamic is supported by the generation of income and is what drives the consumption of households that represent 62% of the national GDP.

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