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Professor with TB at the Duca degli Abruzzi in Treviso: tests for 180 people

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Professor with TB at the Duca degli Abruzzi in Treviso: tests for 180 people

A Mantoux test is scheduled for Tuesday 13 December, in the Duca degli Abruzzi school in Treviso, for about 180 students and teachers, after a teacher tested positive for tuberculosis. This was announced by Ulss 2 Trevigiana, underlining that results will be forthcoming on Thursday.

The case of tuberculosis was confirmed on Tuesday 6 December among the school’s teaching staff.

The discovery

The woman, who had been ill for some time already, with fever, weakness and a strong cough, saw her breathing difficulties worsening and turned to her general practitioner, who directed her to a series of in-depth analyses. Excluding Covid, the lung check and the analyzes revealed that the teacher had contracted Koch’s bacillus, responsible for tuberculosis

At that point, the Prevention department with the operators of the Hygiene and Public Health service got in touch with the Duke of Abruzzi to carry out checks on the school population that entered into contact with the teacher. It was therefore decided to proceed with the Mantoux test, which is done by injecting a small amount of tuberculin under the skin of the forearm. Positivity is found if a red spot appears on the skin, a sort of erythema. In this case, a second level of verification is carried out and chemoprophylaxis is prescribed with the use of some drugs such as Rifampicin, Isoniazid, Pyrazinamide and Ethambutol which aim to prevent the infection from degenerating into tubercular disease.

Positive teacher of tuberculosis to the Duke of Abruzzi of Treviso

Valentina Calzavara

The test for teachers and students

Students and faculty will undergo Mantoux testing on 13 December. “In the event of a negative test, the check will be repeated after 2 or 3 months as a precaution” says DG Benazzi, “if, on the other hand, other positives emerge (hypotheses that we do not expect given the context) further checks will be carried out diagnosis and treatment of the case for the subjects involved”.

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The teacher continues her convalescence at home, her health conditions do not give cause for concern and the infectious disease is treated with a specific therapy which is giving good results.

Hand in hand, the health company is trying to reconstruct the genesis of the case to understand where the woman may have become infected or if it was a latent bacillus in the body, reactivated due to low immune defenses.

The Motta di Livenza case

If this were the case, the case of the Duke of Abruzzi would be very similar to what occurred in the spring of 2019 at the elementary school of Motta di Livenzaalso in that circumstance the infection had started from a teacher who, however, had not immediately turned to a doctor despite the serious respiratory symptoms, generating one of the most important outbreaks of recent decades in Europe with as many as 13 confirmed cases of pulmonary tuberculosis ( 2 by teachers, 11 by attending children) and 50 positivity to Mantoux, treated with chemoprophylaxis.

A circumstance that had attracted the attention of the Ministry of Health and the international health authorities

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