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Programmer lets ChatGPT chat with more than 5,000 women on Tinder and gets to know his wife

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When the relationship of Aleksandr Zhadan from Moscow ended in 2021, the young man was at his wits’ end. He’d had enough of swiping left and right and coming up with original opening lines on dating apps, but he still longed for love. He therefore decided to take a different approach.

Automatic swiping

Zhadar enlisted the help of artificial intelligence (AI) for his grand plan. The young man trained GPT-2, one of the first versions of ChatGPT, so that the chatbot knew his preferences when it came to women. Then he wouldn’t have to swipe left or right on Tinder anymore. GPT-2 did that for him. The ingenious Russian even programmed the bot so that women were rejected if alcohol or strange symbols were visible in their photos.

But it didn’t stop there. He also left the first conversations with women that he found attractive – according to the chatbot – to AI. That didn’t go ideally, for example when GPT-2 suggested a woman “take a long walk through the woods” or when the bot promised someone that he would bring flowers and chocolate on the first date. When he arrived empty-handed, the woman walked away in disappointment.

The one

Fortunately, by using newer versions of ChatGPT, these errors were resolved. In fact, it only became more convenient. By linking the chatbot to his calendar in Google, it arranged dates with the women and they automatically ended up on his smartphone.

Ultimately, ChatGPT managed to put Zhadar in touch with 5,239 women and send them on more than a hundred dates. One person stood out from the start: Karina Vialshakaeva. In December 2022, the two matched, and a few dates later, Zhadar ChatGPT gave an unmistakable message: stop swiping and speaking to other women. He took matters into his own hands and not much later the two lived together.

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Not that Zhadar completely ignored AI. On the contrary: he repeatedly asked the chatbot for tips on how he could become a better partner. “And at some point I was advised that maybe it was time to propose,” Zhadar said in an interview with Gizmodo. “I followed that advice, and she said yes.”

Not evil

Only a few months into the relationship did Zhadar come clean with the woman who soon became his fiancée. She was not angry, she tells the news site. “I was shocked.” She hadn’t noticed anything at all. “The most important thing is the connection we feel in everyday life. It is very good.”

For those wondering, Zhadar has some bad news. He is not going to make his finalized chatbot available to other people, especially because he says it cost him so much money. Tinder is not enthusiastic about the beautiful love story. Because chatbots that chat with hopeful singles are not what the platform is made for, according to a spokesperson. Gizmodo announces that technologies are being developed to prevent this from happening.

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