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Promote enterprise stabilization and full production, Chengdu Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau introduced 12 measures in 3 major areas-Sichuan News Channel-Sichuan News Network

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  Sichuan News Net-First Screen News from Chengdu, November 24th (Reporter Li Dan)On the 24th, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development that in order to implement the document requirements of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and the General Office of the Municipal Government, the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the “Work Measures for Precisely Responding to the Impact of the Epidemic, Helping Enterprises to Relieve Difficulties and Difficulties to Achieve Annual Targets”, further Strengthen corporate services, optimize the business environment, promote stable production and full production of enterprises, and ensure that the annual target is completed. The Chengdu Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau published the “Notice on Accurately Responding to the Impact of the Epidemic and Fully Achieving the Annual Target”, a total of 12 items from 3 aspects The measures are clear.

  Accelerate the construction of major projects

(1) Strengthen the construction and scheduling mechanism of major projects

Implement the “checklist + responsibility system” for major urban construction projects, continue to carry out “weekly coordination, monthly scheduling”, and “one case, one policy” to solve the difficulties and problems in the process of project advancement, and ensure the completion of 142 major urban construction projects in 2021. .

(2) Establish a classification review mechanism for urban renewal projects

The implementation of step-by-step review of major project plans in key areas, from a one-time review of the integrated implementation plan of the district to a review of the overall plan and the sub-project plan initiated earlier, to ensure that the project starts construction as soon as possible.

For general urban renewal project plans, the review process will be simplified, adjusted from hierarchical review to joint review, etc., to shorten the review cycle and speed up the progress of project investment and construction.

(3) Plan ahead for major urban construction projects next year

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Overall, the investment in urban construction will remain undiminished and the scale of investment will not decrease, plan 192 major urban construction projects that are leading, driving, and make up for shortcomings, and carry out preliminary work such as project fund balance, control regulation adjustment, land acquisition and demolition, etc., to ensure the smooth implementation of the project Implement.

  Promote the quality and efficiency of the construction industry

(4) Support local enterprises to grow bigger and stronger

Select and publicly commend Chengdu’s “Top 20” construction enterprises; provide credit incentives for local enterprise qualification promotion, expand business scale, and create excellence and win the cup; enterprises with annual output value of more than 5 billion and a growth rate higher than the city’s average Give credit incentives.

Encourage enterprises in this city to “go global” and provide credit incentives to local enterprises that undertake projects outside the city and make contributions to output value.

Work with the statistics department to strengthen coordination, and guide all districts (cities) and counties to realize that the output value should be fully reported and unified, and comprehensive consideration will be given to the city’s contribution to the annual assessment and incentives.

(5) Encourage foreign companies to take root in Chengdu

Support leading domestic construction companies to register and establish independent legal-person subsidiaries in Chengdu, and grant basic credit ratings and scores to construction general contracting enterprises with first-level (level A) and above qualifications and construction-related central enterprises registered in Chengdu. , And provide green channel protection in terms of qualification application, additional projects, and upgrades.

(6) Strengthen the supply of construction materials

Adjust the frequency of project cost information release from once a month to 2-3 times a month to reduce settlement disputes between enterprises due to market price fluctuations.

Scientifically increase the exploration and development of local resources in accordance with the law, increase the production capacity of local mechanism sand and gravel, and support state-owned enterprises to cooperate with surrounding cities and prefectures to establish sand and gravel production and supply bases.

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Give full play to the role of the building materials supply and demand information release and resource sharing platform and the “muck self-balancing supermarket” platform to improve the supply and demand docking and the efficiency of construction waste disposal and consumption.

Coordinate the traffic management department to unblock transportation channels under the conditions of environmental protection and epidemic prevention and control to ensure that construction materials from other places enter Chengdu in a timely manner.

(7) Implement precise management of construction sites

Expand the scope of green benchmark construction sites and implement differentiated management, and do a good job in construction site construction, transportation and other guarantees.

Implement a construction site credit restoration mechanism, and allow credit restoration on construction sites where problems such as safe and civilized construction have been rectified in place.

Fully implement the quality and safety early intervention system, and fully implement the staged acceptance and advance technical acceptance system under the premise of ensuring quality and safety, to ensure the orderly development of construction projects.

(8) Guiding companies to resolve disputes over fee settlement

Guide the contracting parties to reasonably adjust the construction period due to the impact of the force majeure epidemic, calculate the loss of work stoppage and epidemic prevention and control costs, and avoid settlement disputes.

Supervise all districts (cities) and counties to strictly implement differentiated supervision of migrant workers’ wage deposits, and allow construction general contractors to pay migrant workers’ wage deposits by enterprises. Enterprises with good credit can use financial institution guarantees or credit guarantees.

  Promote the steady and healthy development of real estate

(9) Improving the efficiency of real estate approval

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Strengthen parallel approval, unify the two-level process in the urban area, implement the whole process of price guidance, pre-sale permission, and open sales within a time limit, and reduce the overall approval time limit by more than one third.

(10) Encourage projects to speed up sales

Establish a listing scheduling mechanism for real estate projects, comprehensively sort out the real estate projects that can meet the pre-sale conditions during the year, establish a list of service guidance one by one, and give credit incentives to projects that are listed in advance within the sales time limit stipulated in the land transfer contract.

(11) Improve the efficiency of the supervision and use of pre-sale funds

If the corporate credit rating is A and above, a foreign bank guarantee can be used to replace the corresponding downward regulatory limit.

When three-quarters of the main structure of the project is completed and the main structure is capped, the upper limit of the pre-sale fund withdrawal ratio within the supervision quota is increased by 5%; after the parallel completion of the project, the pre-sale fund withdrawal ratio within the supervision quota can reach 95 %.

Standardize the district (city) and county node withdrawal review process, further reduce the processing time limit, and complete the review within 5 working days.

(12) Coordinate financial institutions to increase support

Coordinate financial institutions to increase real estate credit quotas, accelerate the speed of issuance, ensure the reasonable funding needs of real estate enterprises and people who just need to buy houses, extend development loans and cut interest rates for key enterprises.

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