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Prosecutor’s Office investigates ICBF director Cesar for foundation embroiled in sexual abuse scandal

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The notorious case of the foundation bottomless whose officials were arrested for alleged sexual abusecaused the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation to open a disciplinary investigation to the director of ICBF Cesar, Gabriel Enrique Castilla.

Along with him, the coordinator of the zonal center is also being investigated, Zobeida Galvan Peñafor alleged omission in the exercise of their duties as surveillance and supervision of Fundinaj.

The Attorney General’s Office indicated that it requested information about the conduct of Gabriel Castilla and Zobeida Galván upon learning that the directors of the foundation they would have engaged in sexually abusive behaviors and degrading treatment towards minors who were in charge by decision of the ICBF.

Thus, the entity seeks to verify the actions of the ICBF director and the coordinator on the case to determine if committed a disciplinary offense or grounds for exclusion of liability.


The former officials accused of the alleged sexual abuse are the former director of Fundinaj, Robert Emilio Fernandez Tovarhis wife, Rosa Virginia LagunaAnd his brother, Lenin Jose Fernandez Tovarcaptured in 2021 in an operation by the Prosecutor’s Office in Valledupar.

According to the investigation, they between the years 2020 and 2021 se They sexually took advantage of a teenager who was allegedly subjected to an orgy by the husband and wife couple and with pornographic content.

Also, it would have been subjected to touching her private parts by Lenín Fernández.

Everything would have happened while the under 14 yearsfrom that time, was under his care at the Fundinaj foundation by decision of Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, ICBF.

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For this reason, the defendants are deprived of their liberty in different prisons in Bogotá.

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