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Prostate cancer, 90 patients in Belluno treated with new technologies

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Prostate cancer, 90 patients in Belluno treated with new technologies

There are already 90 patients treated at theSan Martino hospital in Belluno with the new radiotherapy technique that allows the cure of prostate cancer in just five sessions. 14% of these patients come from outside the region.

An important result, which rewards the choice ofUlss 1 Dolomites to invest in cutting-edge technologies to better treat cancer patients, guaranteeing on the one hand a better quality of life for those who are ill and on the other acting as a magnet for neighboring realities.

Modern radiation therapy is a safe and highly effective treatment that uses ionizing radiation, predominantly high energy x-rays, to destroy cancer cells in a targeted and selective way. It can be used alone or integrated with other types of treatment, both surgical and chemo-immunotherapy. It is a specialization that by its nature tends towards multidisciplinarity, which in turn is founded on teamwork conducted by an interdisciplinary team.

«Thanks to an investment of two million eurosil Ulss Radiotherapy Oncology Center Dolomiti, of which I am director, has recently been equipped with a modern linear accelerator and an upgrade of the one already in operation, both integrated with high-tech software, to carry out high-precision radiotherapy treatments capable of offering state-of-the-art radiotherapy treatments generation,” he explains Alessandro Magli, director of Radiotherapy at Ulss Dolomiti. «We were therefore able to implement a path of stereotactic radiotherapy (Sbrt) or stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (Sabr), a cutting-edge radiotherapy technique that allows the administration of high doses of radiation with extreme accuracy and precision to small tumor targets, causing their necrosis. that is cell death».

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In this way the patient will have to undergo 3-5 sessions instead of the 20-28 performed previously. «This technique represents a method of excellence for the treatment of prostatic neoplasms, and allows you to treat the tumor with very high precision. The oncological result is comparable to that obtainable with surgery, but the invasiveness and any side effects are reduced to a minimum. The short duration of the treatment compared to conventional radiotherapy significantly improves the patient’s quality of life, reducing visits to hospital, a fundamental aspect in an area characterized by important distances such as that of province of Belluno».

The results obtained are very good: minimal long-term toxicity rates and feasibility of treatment in 100% of cases.

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