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Provincial leaders go deep into various places to supervise and inspect safety production work

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Provincial leaders go deep into various places to supervise and inspect safety production work

Release time: April 29, 2023

Source of information: Liaoning Daily

In order to ensure the continuous stability of the province’s safety production situation during the “May 1st” festival, and to ensure high-quality development with a high level of safety, on the eve of the “May 1st”, in accordance with the deployment requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, Zhang Lilin, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Governor, Vice Governors Jiang Youwei, Zheng Yi, and Jin Guowei successively went to Dalian, Liaoyang, Fuxin, Jinzhou, Dandong, Shenyang, Chaoyang, and Anshan to supervise and inspect production safety.

On April 23 and 28, Zhang Lilin went to Dalian City and Liaoyang City to supervise and inspect safety production work. In Dalian, Zhang Lilin came to China First Heavy Industry Group Dalian Nuclear Power Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and China Dalian Human Resources Service Industrial Park to inspect the production and operation of the enterprise and the construction of the park. In Liaoyang City, Zhang Lilin came to Liaoning Haohua Industrial Co., Ltd., Liaoyang County Meixin Construction Technology Co., Ltd., and Liaoyang Zehua Electronics Co., Ltd. to listen to the reports on the company’s operation and production safety. The bottom line of safe development. Zhang Lilin pointed out that it is necessary to coordinate development and safety, further enhance the awareness of safety production, fully understand the severity and complexity of safety production problems, continuously improve the ability to study and judge risks and effectively resolve and eliminate hidden risks, and carry out in-depth and meticulous inspections of production safety. Renovation activities to ensure safe and stable operation, and create a safe and stable development environment for the first battle of the three-year action to win a new breakthrough in comprehensive revitalization.

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From April 26th to 28th, Jiang Youwei led relevant provincial departments and experts to Fuxin City and Jinzhou City to supervise and inspect safety production work, and went deep into coal mines, production workshops, chemical parks and construction front lines to check safety risks and hidden dangers. , the production and storage of hazardous chemicals, the construction of a supervision platform for chemical parks, and the transportation organization of highway reconstruction and expansion, etc., and adopted the “four nos and two straights” approach, unannounced visits to some chemical companies, pointed out hidden problems, and proposed rectification requirements. Jiang Youwei emphasized that it is necessary to shoulder the political responsibility of ensuring safety and resolutely prevent and contain major accidents. It is necessary to promote the mechanization, intelligence, and automation of coal mine production, improve the level of digital governance, and control major risks; fully implement the requirements of “Ten Prohibitions” in chemical parks, speed up the construction of the “Industrial Internet + Safety Production” platform, and strengthen the “two key points and one major “Safety supervision; improve the organization and working mechanism of traffic diversion, improve the emergency rescue system, and effectively ensure traffic and safety.

On April 23, 24 and 27, Zheng Yi went to Dandong City, Dalian City, and Shenyang City to supervise and inspect safety production work in the way of “four nos and two straights”. He successively went to Dandong Erqing Hospital, Erwei Road Primary School, Passenger Terminal, Donggang Daping Fishing Port, Dalian Zhongshan Guilin Nursing Home, Zhongshan Central Primary School, Ganjingzi Street Police Station, China Petroleum Transportation Co., Ltd. Liaoning Dalian Branch, Fuzhou The Traffic Police Law Enforcement Station, Caitv Tower Night Market in Shenyang City, and the South Market Police Station of the Heping Sub-bureau carefully inspected the configuration of fire protection and other safety facilities, the implementation of safety responsibilities, and the implementation of security work. Zheng Yi emphasized that it is necessary to establish a strong sense of safety responsibility, implement the safety management system, and pay close attention to the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers. Strengthen the prevention and control of the “nine small places” and other crowded areas, and do a good job in the security of large-scale events. Strengthen the response to emergencies and make contingency plans. Keep the bottom line of safety firmly with a clear mind and strong fighting spirit, and make every effort to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

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On April 26 and 28, Jin Guowei went to Chaoyang City and Anshan City to supervise and inspect safety production work. Jin Guowei successively went to the first bay of Linghe, the construction site of the fourth phase of Yongde Mansion, the Central Hospital of Karaqin Zuoyi Mongolian Autonomous County, Chaoyang Eye Hospital of Aier Group, Chaoyang Wanda Plaza, Chaoyang Wanhe Energy Management Group Co., Ltd., Danfoss ( Anshan) Control Valve Co., Ltd., China Resources Gas Company’s Dadaowan Storage and Distribution Station, and the construction site of the Fujia Arc de Triomphe Project, inspected the implementation of safety production work in each unit, safety management on the job site, hidden danger investigation and management, and emergency preparedness, etc., and listened to the company’s And project safety production work report. Jin Guowei emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to the people-centered development idea, tighten the chain of responsibility, resolutely hold the bottom line of safe development, and tighten the string of safe production at all times, so that the alarm bells of safe production will be ringing, and they will always be unremitting, and effectively build a safety barrier. Guarantee high-quality development with high-level security.

Editor in charge: Zhang Jingyu

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