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Psychologist bonus, 41,000 questions accepted: here’s how to check the outcome

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Psychologist bonus, 41,000 questions accepted: here’s how to check the outcome

A total of 395,604 applications for psychotherapy sessions with the psychologist bonus were presented to INPS. The applications accepted are 41,657 distributed on a regional basis. This was reported by the Institute, announcing that it has completed the preliminary activity of the applications for the disbursement of the contribution to the expenses relating to psychotherapy sessions and that it has approved the relative regional rankings for the assignment of the benefit. The applications – the INPS also recalls – were accepted on the basis of the percentage of the budget assigned regionally to the allowance, with priority for the lowest Isee, while with the same Isee, the chronological criterion for presenting the requests was followed.

How to take advantage of the bonus

Interested parties, by accessing the “Access point to non-pension benefits” on the INPS website, can view the outcome of the request presented and, if so, the amount assigned and the unique code to be used within 180 days to take advantage of the bonuses and support psychotherapy sessions. When booking the session, the beneficiary must communicate the code to the professional, who will associate it with the beneficiary when booking the session in the online service.

Limited resources

The contribution can go up to 600 euros. The 2022 psychologist bonus is due for a maximum amount of 50 euros for each psychotherapy session up to the amount assigned. It is a pity, however, that in the face of the boom in applications, approximately one in ten requests can be satisfied given that the resources (25 million in total), even after the new funds arrived with the latest aid decree, are not sufficient for everyone.

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What is the psychologist bonus

The facilitation was introduced with the decree law of 30 December 2021, n. 228, converted with amendments by law 25 February 2022, n.15. Strongly desired by the former deputy dem Filippo Sensi, the benefit is intended for subjects with an Isee not exceeding 50 thousand euros. It is used to support the costs of psychological assistance for those who, during the delicate period of the pandemic and the related economic crisis, have seen the conditions of depression, anxiety, stress and psychological fragility increase.

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