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Public Health began this Monday winter vaccination campaign

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Public Health began this Monday winter vaccination campaign

Asuncion, National Radio.-The Ministry of Public Health officially launched the “Winter 2023 Campaign”, with vaccines available to the entire population and a high priority for risk groups.

This Monday the official start of the “Winter 2023 Campaign” was held at the Hogar Santo Domingo in Asunción, which this year will offer citizens the possibility of accessing quadrivalent vaccines against the different types of influenza that normally circulate with the entry of the low temperatures.

The director of the Expanded Immunization Program (PAI), Héctor Castro, reported that the campaign starts this Monday, April 10, and will run until July 14.

We must understand as a population that when we get vaccinated in advance and in a large number of people in a short time; any vaccination campaign is much more effective, reducing the probability of hospitalization of severe forms and deaths from these diseases, explained Castro.

He also mentioned that the vaccines against influenza and covid-19 are being updated so that they behave as annual application doses, inserted in a winter campaign like the one that begins today in Paraguay.

Along the same lines, he pointed out that biologicals are available from now on in all vaccination centers in the country. To access the complete list, enter here.

“We continue with the house-to-house visit, prioritizing some sectors of our geography; We also have the presence of a mobile vaccination clinic, the route of which we will be sharing through the media, as well as in social, cultural and sports gatherings”, he added.

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The professional clarified that the quadrivalent doses against influenza, the Neumo 23 vaccine (adults) and the bivalent one against covid-19 that are part of this campaign, can be applied simultaneously.

“There is no contra-indication or increase in adverse effects, there is no protective interference between diseases. Yes, they can be applied at the same time, ”she externalized.

In this context, the head of the PAI reported that people who suffered from chikungunya must wait a month after the onset of symptoms, to be immunized through any of the previously exposed vaccines.

The “Winter 2023 Campaign” includes the following vaccines:

Bivalent against covid-19

It is applied with an annual dose. The bivalent vaccine protects against the original variant (Wuhan) and against the omicron variant. Thanks to this, it offers a greater spectrum of protection.

Its application is intended for people aged 6 and over, prioritizing those with risk factors and/or comorbidities. The application interval is within the 4 months after the second dose, or 6 months after the booster dose.

The Bivalent vaccine against covid-19 protects against severe forms of infection and reduces the chances of hospitalization and death.

Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine

Intended for the entire population from 6 months of age onwards, mainly for people in risk groups, such as children from 6 to 35 months of age, health workers, pregnant women, postpartum women, people with underlying disease and older adults.

Vaccination prevents serious cases and their complications, and reduces the risk of hospitalization.

Pneumo 23 Vaccine

Intended for people over 60 years of age, with no history of vaccination or who have received a dose 5 years ago.

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The vaccine protects against 23 serotypes of pneumococcus, such as pneumonia and meningitis bacteremia due to Streptococcus pneumoniae, and its potential complications.

Fuente: IP Agency news portal.

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