Home News Public universities commit to generating 60,000 new places for this year – news

Public universities commit to generating 60,000 new places for this year – news

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In the second session of the labor reform subcommittee, chaired by the Minister of Labor, Gloria Ines Ramírez, and the Vice Minister of Labor Relations and Inspection, Edwin Palma, the business sector and union organizations presented the proposals for the construction of the labor reform.

Within the lines exposed by Acopi, Andi and Fenalco and that were collected in the Technical Secretariat of the Permanent Commission for the Agreement on Wage and Labor Policies, the guidelines that are required to generate quality and formal employment are proposed, with the strengthening of sustainable companies and decent work, within what the International Labor Organization (ILO) proposes.

The business sector considers that with the informality that the country has of more than 58%, aspects of how to provide a more inclusive labor market with a trend of new generations but being within the formal market and youth employment must be taken into account within the reform. inclusion of the topics of collective agreements, protection of workers of digital platforms as independent service providers and the analysis of the figures of teleworking, remote work and at home, among others.

In additionin consensus, the trade union centrals They did the same with their proposals that consist of 49 articles that will be part of the inputs for the construction of the articles of the reform and that are made up of the components of international commitments, solving informality, compliance with labor regulations, guarantees for the employment and strengthening of the trade union regime, among others.

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This Thursday, January 26 a new meeting will be held to address issues of collective bargaining, union guarantees and human and labor rights within international standards.

Next week the inputs will be closed, to later continue with the construction process of the articles and that will be presented to the Permanent Commission for the Agreement on Salary and Labor Policies and then to the Congress of the Republic.

Source: Ministry of Labor

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