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Puerto Meluk sewerage projects and improvement of the Raspadura aqueduct are socialized

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Aguas del Chocó socialized the construction of the Puerto Meluk sewer system (Medio Baudó) and the optimization of the Raspadura aqueduct (Unión Panamericana)

With the participation of the living forces of both localities of the municipalities of the department, the socialization acts were carried out to inform the benefited communities of the scope of the projects, which were led by the Aguas del Chocó company in all its phases until reaching to obtain favorable technical concepts from the Ministry of City and Territory Housing and their respective financing.

In relation to the construction project of the sanitary sewage system and wastewater treatment plant, the aim is to provide access to the basic sanitation service to the inhabitants of Puerto Meluk in the municipality of Medio Baudó, which is intended to benefit 2,379 current inhabitants and 3,286 projected inhabitants in the 25-year design horizon.

The initiative includes the supply and installation of 5667.42 ML of collection networks in PVC pipe, a treatment system that consists of: inlet grate, Parshall Channel, grit trap, NHOFF tank, FAFA type filter, chlorination and waste removal bed. sludge, supply and installation of 2 10 HP submersible pumps and pumping house, includes electrical installations, supply and installation of 395 m of final collector in 12” PVC pipe and construction of 1 discharge header

Meanwhile, the optimization work on the Raspadura aqueduct, Pan American Union, includes an elevated storage tank, surface storage tank, distribution networks, home connections, raw water delivery line, sand trap, treated water delivery lines, intake, inspection wells, rainwater and wastewater collectors, treatment plant, laboratory shed, storage room, wastewater pumping station, septic and disinfection tank.

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