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Punch on the nose treacherously wounded a student from Belluno

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Back attack after leaving school, while he was waiting for the bus. A minor from the Sinistra Piave who has some precedents has been denounced

BELLUNO. Hit in the back with a punch in the nose. An attack, which took place in the early afternoon of Friday, in the station square. It was around 13 and there were many other students, waiting for the departure of the bus, to go home. An 18-year-old born in Belluno and of African origins, who studies at the Enaip in Longarone, was sitting on one of the two stone benches with a lamp on it.

He wore a sporty sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, like on any other school day, and waited for his bus, to reach the outskirts of the city and have lunch with the family. Unless he could, in any way, expect it, a violent right hand arrived, which shattered his nasal septum, making him bleed.

An intense pain, before putting his hands on his face, then also anger, because in front of his attempt to ask for explanations the aggressor would also have made fun of him, telling him that he really had nothing to lose and “a complaint in more or one less wouldn’t have made any difference. ‘

He did not go further, preferring to go to the nearby emergency room of the San Martino hospital to be medicated and then to the command of the carabinieri in Viale Europa to dictate a lawsuit with the faithful reconstruction of what happened.

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Meanwhile, the boy who had beaten him treacherously had already slipped away, mingling with the other peers. He would be under the age of 18 and would live in a village on the Left Piave with his family. The military has a more precise description to work on, before notifying the competent prosecutor.

The impression is that it will be up to that of the Minors of Venice for the hypothesis of the crime of aggravated injuries. There would be no shortage of witnesses ready to provide their version of what happened.

The two do not know each other well, but there would already be a name and a surname and some police precedent, in the company of some compatriots.

The injured young man will certainly have to undergo surgery to reduce fractures, which has already been scheduled for the day after tomorrow, again at San Martino. The healing times will not be very short and the final imputation will depend on these.

Meanwhile, it is not the first violent episode that occurs in the city center, with the difference that this time it was broad daylight, apparently there was no reason and many other people were stationed around, who cannot fail to notice what happened.


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