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Punching in China·Understanding Chinese Modernization | Benxi, Liaoning: The green steel city is picturesque

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Punching in China·Understanding Chinese Modernization | Benxi, Liaoning: The green steel city is picturesque

On May 30th, the second stop of the network international communication activity of “Punching China · Understanding Chinese Modernization (Liaoning Chapter)”, domestic and foreign network celebrities and network media reporters came to Benxi City and walked into the No. Leng Branch Factory, Xiaoshi Yizhuang Scenic Area, and enjoy the colorful scenery of Benxi.


The machines are roaring, the steel rolling equipment is running in an orderly manner, and there is no dust in the factory area, but lush green trees, clean and tidy… Benxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. is one of the first large-scale iron and steel enterprises to resume production in New China. It is a super-large iron and steel conglomerate with coordinated development of multiple industries such as financial investment, trade logistics, equipment manufacturing, industrial services, and urban services. It is also a famous “ginseng iron” origin. This year is the third year of the reorganization of Angang Benxi Iron and Steel, and the overall production capacity and independent research and development capabilities of Benxi Iron and Steel have been greatly improved. Gu Zhongshuai, director of the third cold-acid rolling operation area of ​​Benxi Steel Plate Cold Rolling Plant, said that in 2022, the annual steel rolling volume of Benxi Iron and Steel’s third cold-acid rolling unit will be 2.35 million tons, which is nearly 5% higher than the designed production capacity.

There are not only peach blossoms and melodious singing, but also small bridges and flowing water, and distant mountains like Daisy. Walking in the small city and Yizhuang scenic spot, you can see different scenery and laugh constantly. Xiaoshi Yizhuang Scenic Spot is located in Xiaoshi Town, Benxi Manchu Autonomous County, Benxi City. It was established in 2016. It covers a total area of ​​667 acres, with a total investment of 150 million yuan. It currently has 300 employees and has driven more than 2,000 people around. It is a collection of leisure tourism, It is a tourist destination integrating idyllic vacation, catering and entertainment, cultural performance, and ecological health care. “Owner” Han Guohua introduced that the scenic spot has more than 50 beautiful scenery, 120 pastoral special dishes, more than 20 kinds of its own characteristic agricultural and sideline products, more than 10 amusement projects, and more than 100 characteristic guest rooms, which are deeply loved by tourists and attract 200 tourists every year. More than ten thousand people.

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Jerry from Nigeria said that this is his first visit to Benxi. He saw that the industrial industry and tourism industry here are very distinctive, especially the beautiful mountains and rivers of Benxi, which impressed him deeply. He plans to find opportunities to come again and take good photos Recommended here.

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