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  [Looking at civilization around the people]

Putting people first and benefiting the people with perseverance

——A summary of in-depth promotion of the creation of civilized cities across the country

Guangming Daily trainee reporter Zhang Wenxiao Guangming Daily reporterGong Liang

The city is like a person, and it is precious. Civilization is the most attractive quality of a city.

A civilized city is a city with sustainable and healthy economic development, a city with an excellent ecological environment, a city with a positive social atmosphere, and a city that the people are satisfied with.

The creation of a civilized city is not only a concept, a pursuit, but also a practice and an effective carrier of people-oriented perseverance to improve the overall civilization level of the city.

In recent years, with the establishment of a national civilized city as the starting point, all parts of the country have innovated working methods, focused on improving people’s livelihood, and improved the level of urban management and governance efficiency. .

The corner of the street shows the beauty of civilization

64-year-old Wang Cuizhi has lived in No. 22 Dongzhong Hutong, West Chang’an Street, Beijing, for decades. In the past, a household toilet in the courtyard had a narrow space and poor facilities. The passage outside the toilet was full of debris, potholes on the ground, and aging and damaged walls, which directly affected the quality of life of the residents in the courtyard. “There are no suitable aging facilities in the household toilet, and the legs are numb after squatting for a long time. In winter, it is more troublesome. If you accidentally slip, you will fall.” Wang Cuizhi said.

A few days ago, West Chang’an Street focused on the problem of people’s “urgency and hope”, and launched a courtyard renovation project with the promotion of household toilet renovation as the core. When the special class was reformed to investigate, Wang Cuizhi told the staff of the special class all the inconveniences, and they recorded it one by one. It only took 14 days to complete the renovation of the household toilets and courtyard renovation of No. 22 Dongzhong Hutong.

“Small corners” usher in “big changes”. The renovated toilets have been laid with vacuum sewage pipes, and equipped with lighting, heating, exhaust and ventilation and other supporting facilities. They have also been designed to be suitable for aging and convenient for the people, and the “convenience” is more convenient. Two flower beds are also set up in the courtyard to create a beautiful and elegant courtyard-style courtyard landscape. Resident Sister Wang likes to grow flowers, so she vacated a room to make it a “flower room”: “In the past, the yard was full of debris, and it was crowded. Flowers and plants can also be moved out to bask in the sun.”

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The civilization of a household toilet reflects the civilization of a city.

Civilized city, environment first. An ecologically livable environment is a direct reflection of a city’s civilization.

“Push the door to see the green, open the window to see the scenery, go out and enter the park. With more green space, exercise is more convenient.” Mr. Li, a citizen of Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, described the city’s well-proportioned “pocket park” in his circle of friends. As the only county-level city that has won the “six consecutive championships” of a national civilized city, Zhangjiagang focuses on people’s livelihood and promotes “micro-renewal” of the city – using urban street corners, unused land in old communities, “corner land” and “abandoned land” to create ” Pocket Park”.

The square inch of the street shows the beauty of urban civilization. The “Pocket Park” is equipped with facilities suitable for aging and young children. While “filling” the happy life of the citizens, it also allows the quality of a city to be “both internal and external”. “In the past, there was a traffic jam here after school, and there was no place to rest. Now it’s much more convenient.” The “pocket park” at the gate of Bailu Primary School in Zhangjiagang City was completed and put into use, and parents who picked up and dropped off their children were full of praise.

A clean and tidy urban environment makes people’s lives more comfortable and comfortable.

In Honghe Town, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, Qian Hongsan, the owner of Renhexinjia, witnessed the clean environment brought by the regular and fixed-point distribution mode of garbage sorting.

The community has planned the location of trash cans before, but the trash cans are placed on both sides of the road, which is very unsightly and has a particularly strong smell in summer. “Now you don’t have to worry about the smell at all. There are trash cans wrapped in tin boxes and deodorizing equipment. On particularly hot days, the air conditioner will be turned on to slow down the fermentation of the garbage.” Qian Hongsan sighed. Now, residents only need to put garbage in the designated place at the specified time, and a professional company will be responsible for the operation and maintenance management. The community has realized “no garbage but no bucket”, and the environment has become more beautiful.

What is heart-warming is that Honghe Town has set up a “Love House” beside each garbage classification and fixed-point delivery station, equipped with air conditioners, hot and cold drinking water, emergency medicines, rest seats, emergency chargers, etc. For cleaning staff, persuasion staff and residents emergency shelter from rain, rest, sitting, etc. The “Love Houses” not only reflect the care and respect for grass-roots cleaning staff and citizens, but also a positive guidance for all citizens, calling on everyone to cherish the environment and participate in beautifying the city.

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 With “embroidery kung fu” for the people and the people, the people are full of happiness

People take the city as their home, and the city is people-oriented. To create a civilized city, the most important thing is to create a better living space for citizens.

“Tongle fun” childcare space, elderly sunshine center care space, “neighborhood meeting room” shared living space… Entering the R29C community commercial center of the East Third Ring Road, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, in addition to the general community space In addition to the functions, there are also full-time service functions such as a 24-hour self-service certificate center and a 24-hour fitness space.

“The government service center is right at the door of the house, which is very convenient!” Ms. Yang, who lives in a nearby community, handled the social security business in less than 15 minutes under the patient guidance of the staff. “The quality of urban public services is related to people’s livelihood and connects people’s hearts. A 15-minute walk to the life circle not only saves the cost of living, but also greatly improves the quality of life of citizens.” Ms. Yang said.

Civilization is everywhere in life. All localities continue to innovate governance methods and use “embroidery kung fu” to solve the “last mile” problem of governance, embroidering a real picture of a better life for the common people.

In Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, Anyuan District explored the establishment of “red housekeepers” in various communities and communities to implement a new model of party building leading urban grassroots governance. “You can see the ‘red housekeeper’ every day. Once they find problems such as private construction and neighborhood conflicts, they will coordinate and deal with them as soon as possible.” Zhang Lingying, a resident of Hetang community, said.

The “Red Butler” team is composed of members of the two committees of the community, community workers (members of the community party organization), owners’ committees (property companies), co-resident and co-construction units, on-the-job party members of the community, and social organizations (volunteer teams, caring enterprises) six parties The composition of forces is a platform for consultation and discussion with multiple participation under the leadership of the party organization. In the Jindiancheng Community, Houbu Street, Anyuan District, the community received an “order” from residents to install elevators. Negotiate to resolve claims. In just 3 months, 15 elevators have been put into use in the community.

“Red Butler” in the whole city, serving “Knowledge of all things”. In today’s Anyuan, you can see the “red housekeeper” as soon as you go out, and find the “red housekeeper” whenever you have difficulties. The people feel full of security and happiness.

  Citizens work together to paint a new picture of civilization

The beauty of a city lies in civilization. The creation of a civilized city is inseparable from the active participation of citizens. When civilization becomes the consensus and conscious action of the general public, a city will truly have the background of civilization.

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The Junying Village in Xiamen City, Fujian Province has won the city’s environmental sanitation champion for seven consecutive years and has become an inspection-free village, which is the most proud thing for the villagers. This is due to the villagers’ innovation of village regulations and villagers’ self-governance, which has activated the new style of civilization in mountain villages.

Junying Village used to be full of dry toilets and roads full of chickens and ducks, which is synonymous with dirty and smelly. Through the transformation, the appearance of the military camp village has undergone earth-shaking changes. How to keep the environment clean and tidy, the villagers held a congress to set the village rules and regulations: first, all chickens and ducks must be kept in captivity;

Civilized townships nourish the hearts of the people. The Village Regulations of Military Camp Village also stipulates that “new marriages, simple funerals, and no other happy events” are not only posted on the civilized corridors, but also integrated into the words and deeds of the villagers.

Volunteering is an important symbol of the progress of social civilization and an important form for the general public to participate in the creation of civilization.

Entering the service hall on the first floor of the Party and Mass Service Center in Tianliao Community, Yutang Street, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, you will see a locker full of daily necessities such as rice, oil, laundry detergent, etc. There are corresponding points for each type of item Label. This is a civilization points supermarket created by Tianliao community to promote the construction and innovation of the civilization practice station in the new era. Residents participating in volunteer services can be converted into civilization points, and the civilization points can be exchanged for corresponding living materials here, and the “small points” can be used to leverage the “big energy” of civilization practice.

In Shenzhen, there are no distinctions between men, women and children, regardless of their status or occupation, as long as they have a heart that loves public welfare and serves the public. Today, more than 1,000 professional volunteer service teams have become an important force in grass-roots governance and public services in Shenzhen. The “volunteer red” flashing all over the city has become a dazzling stroke in the picture of the city’s civilization.

A city belongs to every citizen, and building a civilized city is the “chorus” of all citizens. The gathering of brilliant individuals will eventually create an indestructible “civilization highland”.

“Guangming Daily” (10th edition on August 11, 2022)

责编:李宜蒙 ]

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