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Putting pressure on the Supreme Court to run away from the election: Imran Khan

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Putting pressure on the Supreme Court to run away from the election: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan says that the way Shahbaz Sharif took a hasty decision is only to put pressure on the judiciary and the Supreme Court because they do not want election.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan said in his address on YouTube on Tuesday night that ‘I doubt his intention, because he never wanted to see the judiciary independent and strong.’

Imran Khan said that they are afraid of the election and in order to run away from it, the Supreme Court is under pressure not to hold the election in any way.

He further said that what he has done today to put pressure on the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice, while we all want reforms in the courts, the whole nation has understood his intention today. The only thing is to run for election.’

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan was indicating on behalf of the Supreme Court Reforms Bill, which has been submitted to the National Assembly after the approval of the Federal Cabinet on Tuesday.

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Chairman PTI added in this regard that ‘they are going to divide the Supreme Court, the lawyers of Pakistan need to stand up at this time.’

Addressing the lawyers, he said that ‘Your work is the rule of law. Enforcing the rule of law is the task of the legal community of Pakistan. Our justice system has never been more at risk than it is today.’

Without naming anyone, Imran Khan said that the actions you are doing are increasing hatred in the society. Don’t think that people will be scared, you don’t understand social media.’

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He said that behind them are the people of Pakistan who call themselves neutral. I want to tell them that you don’t see that the nation is turning against you because of them.’

At the end of his address, Imran Khan once again reiterated his demand that elections are the only solution to all the problems.

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