Home News Qin Gang distort Taiwan’s factor: Americans do not believe their propaganda | Taiwan situation | Pelosi visit to Taiwan | re -education

Qin Gang distort Taiwan’s factor: Americans do not believe their propaganda | Taiwan situation | Pelosi visit to Taiwan | re -education

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Qin Gang distort Taiwan’s factor: Americans do not believe their propaganda | Taiwan situation | Pelosi visit to Taiwan | re -education

[The Epoch Times, August 18, 2022](Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan) Beijing diplomats who are not consistent with reality attempts to fail. “Washington Post” columnist Josh Rogin (Josh Rogin) wrote an article on Wednesday (August 17) sarcastically that Qin Gang said that launching missiles against Taiwan and re-educating the people were out of kindness to the Taiwanese people.

Luo Jin attended a press conference held by the Communist Party of China in China in China on Tuesday and received a chance to ask questions. In an op-ed on Wednesday, he said the Chinese government is trying to launch a charm offensive in Washington, but that effort has fallen through because Beijing diplomats are pushing claims that don’t match reality.

Luo Jin said that Qin Gang conveyed Beijing’s policies on several issues, especially Taiwan. He falsely claimed that most Taiwanese want reunification with the mainland.

Qin Gang also insisted that Hong Kong’s democracy is booming under the name of “one country, two systems”, although this statement is against the facts. He also claimed that Beijing did not engage in spy activities in the United States. Beijing’s clearing policy was successful and China‘s economy performed well.

Qin Gang’s message: The CCP is never wrong

Obviously, after many years of dealing, Chinese Chinese reporters in the West have already learned the logic of the words of the Chinese Communist Party -the CCP has never been wrong. “The main message from this ambassador is that all problems in the US-China relationship are the fault of the United States, and all accusations against China are malicious lies,” Rokin concluded.

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For example: Regarding the US Congress President Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, Qin Gang said that the United States “seriously violated a Chinese principle.” Luo Jin retorted that Qin Gang’s remarks were either trying to deceive, or he did not know that the United States had never agreed to the “one China principle” and that the United States had adhered to the “one China policy” for decades – admitting but not agreeing with China‘s treatment of Taiwan claims that Beijing is now pretending that this key distinction does not exist.

Then, later on the day Pelosi left Taiwan, the CCP conducted military exercises around Taiwan, missiles passed over the city of Taiwan, banned more than a hundred Taiwanese exports from entering the mainland, and subsequently cut off several high-level cooperation talks with Washington. Essence

Now Qin Gang has accused the United States of saying that “the United States has taken the first step in provoking China on the Taiwan issue.” Luo Jin reminded that the former heads of the Soning Golden Licci visited Taiwan in 1997, and then the Congress delegation also visited regularly. If now is the first step, what is the previous step?

Qin Gang lied that the threat and intimidation of Taiwan was well-intentioned

Luo Jin also said that in the question of the reporter on Tuesday, Qin Gang’s answer was full of lies. When he asked Qin Gang why, according to opinion polls, Taiwanese overwhelmingly expressed that they did not want to be ruled by the Chinese Communist Party, Qin Gang replied that this is simply not true.

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Qin Gang also proclaimed that what China had done to Taiwan in the past was showing “goodwill”.

Rokin quipped that Beijing fired missiles over Taiwanese cities and threatened to “re-educate” Taiwanese as strange ways of showing “goodwill.”

When pressed by reporters whether China is prepared to deal with possible international punishment and isolation if China attacks Taiwan, Qin Gang said, “This assumption does not exist. This is purely China‘s internal affairs.”

He also added: “Why do other countries criticize or isolate China because of China‘s internal affairs? There is no legal and factual basis for this.”

Americans will not agree with Qin Gang’s blind propaganda

Regarding Qin Gang’s practice of applying the standard answers of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs throughout, Luo Jin said that Beijing’s blind propaganda method may be very effective for Chinese domestic audiences, because ordinary people live in a highly censored Internet and media environment. But for the US government and the US public, these propaganda cannot stand and face challenges.

He quoted Joshua Eisenman, an associate professor of political science at the Keogh School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame, as saying: “Chinese officials continue to publish alternative facts without regard for their validity, making it impossible for sane people to communicate with them. Careful contact. “

“They thought that if they said it enough, they could create an alternative narrative. Unfortunately for Beijing, their methods could no longer deceive anyone,” Eisenman added.

Luo Jin said that Washington is really eager to have a simple solution to manage the increasingly tense relationship with China, but this requires the cooperation between the two parties. However, the Chinese government’s “Gaslighting” approach left a small space for real diplomatic work.

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Dare -type abuse refers to the purpose of deceiving the victim with false information to achieve the purpose of making the victim doubt his memory and the judgment of the event.

“As long as Chinese officials put the black into the white and the upper into the lower, there will be very little chance of real progress on Taiwan or any other issue. But that’s not (saying we want) to accept China’s surrogate facts as Another effective narrative.

“Even if they are drinking their own love drinks (Kool-AID, describe blindness, without thinking or obedience), we should not drink it.”

Luo Jin said that the CCP’s dependence on alternative facts is destroying its reputation in the United States and making it more difficult to manage the intense relationship.

Xiao Meiqin, director of Taiwan’s representative office in the United States, retweeted Luo Jin’s article and tweeted: “This article professionally points out the problem in comparing false information with facts.”

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