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Quarantines boom in the Marca, 25 trains are missing for New Year’s Eve

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Trenitalia still struggling with the wave of infections and unvaccinated staff. From January unknown for commuters. Meanwhile, 25 trains are jumping at the Treviso station

TREVISO. The effect of the compulsory vaccination and / or tampon for Trenitalia staff – cars and traveling – seemed to have been amortized after the first weeks of passion, which had led to the cancellation of many races in Veneto and especially in Treviso. But now we are full stop.

The wave of infections in recent days has forced a new and heavy reorganization. Twenty-five convoys that will be canceled today, some replaced with buses, others taking advantage of subsequent runs. Between one and two January still cuts, but reduced given the number of trips already limited by the “holiday” hours. And commuters already fear for the recovery.

The brand still records

Today there are about sixty races reviewed on the regional transport board. Cancellations or substitutions concern trains on all routes but once again weigh more on the Treviso area than elsewhere. Just like it was weeks ago.

Proof of the fact that in the province, in addition to there being heavy numbers on the contagion front, a hard core of uncovered personnel persists. Today begins with the cancellation of Portogruaro-Treviso at 5.45 am and then again the Treviso-Portogruaro at 6.56 am; both replaced by buses. The small section that connects the capital of Marca with the Venetian municipality remains harassed, but not even the one for Padova.

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The Treviso-Padova at 6.08 am canceled and also that at 7.08 am and 8.08 am. Trenitalia, for everyone, could not help but parry the blow with a substitute journey that was neither easy nor quick: the use of the following train to Castelfranco and then the change on Castelfranco-Padua with extraordinary stops at Vigodarzere, Campodarsego, S. Giorgio of the Perches.

Passion also for those who travel towards Treviso from the Euganean capital, to return home they will have to go to Castelfranco and change there by taking the first Castelfranco-Treviso available. Also skip the Sacile-Venezia Santa Lucia departing at 7.17 from Sacile (you will have to take the following train) and also the one on 12.31 from Venezia for Sacile. In the table on the side we report in detail or all the changes for today.

New Year and January 2nd

Variations were also necessary for the beginning of the year, reducing even more a time already reduced by the “double” holiday. On New Year’s Eve there will be no timetable changes for the Marca, but on January 2nd only the Treviso-Padua at 15.08 will skip. But if anything, the problems will be later.

Commuters and shooting

What will be the effects of the infections on rail traffic on January 3? Many offices will be open, as will many companies and factories. The commuter movement will resume, but will it be able to count on rail transport? Legitimate question given the fear that dinners and possible New Year’s wreaks could further increase infections and quarantines. And the greatest unknown is looming looking at January 10, when any bridges of the epiphany will run out and everything will return to full capacity: work but also school. At that point, with the current trend, it is difficult to hypothesize that it will be possible to reactivate the service at full capacity. For those who have to move at fixed times, a big problem.

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