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Quebrada La Víbora was dammed

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Quebrada La Víbora was dammed
Liliana Cardona Marín

January 23 will remain in the memory of 13 families from the rural area of ​​the Industrial Municipality, as the day that nature gave them the scare of their lives. On Monday at 11:00 in the morning, the urgent notice to evacuate came from the residents of the upper part, who warned them of a landslide. When they saw that the earth could not reach them, they returned, but around 2:00 pm, while they were having lunch they were yelled at again from the upper part to come out.

On that second opportunity they already saw that the flow of the La Víbora stream had changed its quantity and habitual behavior. But night came and they understood that the land that had detached with plant material had clogged the Coulvert box. In this situation, any body of water, no matter how harmless it may seem, becomes an enemy of enormous proportions.

The report from the mayor’s office

The emergency was not long in coming and Mayor Diego Ramos together with his team stayed up all night observing the behavior of La Víbora and the slope, preventively ordering the transfer of six families to the school in the upper part of the path.

In this image provided by the Mayor’s Office of Dosquebradas, the removal of plant material can be seen.

“Empresas Públicas is there removing all the material from the Coulvert box, so that it returns to normal. That was an alarm, but it was better to pay attention to it and we did that until after 1:00 in the morning on Tuesday. Thank God nothing to regret happened, but the issue of the ravines is to drive you crazy.

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Bulletin at 3:30 on Tuesday 24

In this communication, the report indicated that “the critical stage in the village of Buena Vista has been passed.” There it was explained that the emergency generated by the landslide in the ravine that runs through the village of Buena Vista, required an evaluation of the situation by the Municipal Risk Management Council, which determined that 13 families were at risk. , so they were evacuated preventively.

‘The mayor announced that the different agencies moved to the area to attend to the situation, care work was carried out for the affected families with the delivery of humanitarian aid, as well as the removal of plant material and sedimentation from the area with the support of the community’, the statement stated.

This was reported by the community…

María Licencia Ospina, María Eugenia Cardona and Ana Marcela Rivera, are just three of the mothers with small children who were transferred with their respective families to the school. They received mats and blankets, when the newspaper arrived after noon yesterday to verify how they were doing, it found them in a large room on the second floor, with the door closed due to the wind that can catch a cold on the children and without showering, because the school is not intended for emergencies of this type.

Houses and families are at imminent risk as long as the landslide is not resolved.

“That morning I was not at home and they called me to tell me that an avalanche was coming, when my husband arrived I went downstairs and they yelled at us to get out. We took out a little clothes, what we could and that’s it. As it was just being dammed, it went down in batches and there is still a part to come, they already told us that the mud reaches the knees, ”said Doña Marcela.

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Until then, the women reported that there were more families at the bottom, but that the Diger was just doing the surveys. The problem these mothers faced at that time was the lack of drinking water, because the water that came out of the taps was swamped and although they had soda, this liquid does not quench thirst as such.

“If the neighbors upstairs don’t alert us that the avalanche was coming, it takes us all there. They moved us at night, I told a girl from the Diger that if they helped us with mats, because we had nowhere to stay, they brought them to us at around midnight. We need the presence of the mayor, because we have only seen the firefighters and Diger,” said María Eugenia Cardona.


9 minors and 18 adults was the number of people who up to that moment shared the school room.

How did you experience the situation?

María Licenia Ospina – affected

“We don’t know where it was dammed, but it was due to a landslide. We are in the entire gap between the village of Buena Vista Baja and La Divisa, we don’t know when we are going to return, because they haven’t come up to tell us anything”.

María Eugenia Cardona – affected

“We are waiting for the aid to be brought to us, because we have children, we urgently need diapers, we don’t know what to do. People who can help us can contact me directly at 3243704593”.

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