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Quibdó: poor infrastructure and quality in school feeding

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Officials from the Attorney General’s Office visited three educational institutions in Quibdó, together with the UAPAE School Food Administrative Unit.

Nearly 24 thousand boys, girls, adolescents and young people benefit from the PAE in Quibdó. Coverage in the department reaches 89,911.

Although the PAE School Feeding Program began in a timely manner in the municipality of Quibdó, Chocó, the Attorney General’s Office warned about the situation of deterioration of educational infrastructure such as kitchens, dining rooms and storage areas in several institutions of the Entity. Territorial ETC.

As part of monitoring the operation of the PAE, the Public Ministry arrived at the Carrasquilla Industrial Integrated Institute, Quibdó Higher Normal Educational Institution and the Antonio Ricaurte Technological Institute, three of the 124 educational institutions and headquarters in Quibdó and of the 1,147 headquarters in the department , to review the quality of care and the practices that preserve the quality of the food, finding limitations in the provision and kitchenware, as well as deficiencies in the daily registration of beneficiaries, control and monitoring of the products that enter and leave the dining room.

The delegate attorney for the Defense of the Rights of Children, Adolescents, the Family and Women also showed that the formation of the school feeding committees has not yet been completed and that the menu cycles approved by the professional remain to be defined. in nutrition from the ETC and that must be published in the institution.

For the control body, although the processes of receipt and disinfection of products are met, the need to have supply routes, cleaning, handling, food preparation and training sessions for the personnel in charge was evident.

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Faced with this panorama, the Attorney General’s Office asked the Ministry of Education to take corrective actions, in addition to establishing the registration formats and the program’s operating route plan, including the actions and strategies for the formation and operation of the education committees. school feeding.

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