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Quirinale, Letta: “He is elected with a large majority. The deal? I hope it will materialize “

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«I have said it and I repeat it here too, at the cost of being boring: the President of the Republic should always be elected, but in this historical situation even more so, with the widest convergence of political forces. It is a matter of common sense ». On this front Enrico Letta ann has doubts and relaunches it at the presentation of the book by Bruno Vespa, at the Temple of Hadrian, with Giorgia Meloni. “I don’t think we should go to a vote-by-vote election, but there must be this broad convergence. And that this broad convergence must also be found on the budget law and then, after the budget law, on the election of the President of the Republic “. Then, the table with the leaders. «I find that it is correct and also right that the Prime Minister meets the opposition, and that Draghi does well to meet Giorgia Meloni. The process began on the budget law, the group leaders met yesterday. I hope that the idea of ​​a majority that finds itself discussing and ultimately finding points of agreement on the budget law will materialize ». «I – explains the secretary of the Democratic Party – made my proposal with the spirit of giving solutions and implementing them. This is the principle with which we move and I believe that the majority will find solutions in Parliament, with the right times, with the times that Italians need », he added.

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