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Rádio Košice recorded a record increase in listenership, and is in first place in Košice

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Rádio Košice recorded a record increase in listenership, and is in first place in Košice

In almost 16 years of operation on 16 frequencies, it has built a strong listener base not only in the East.

Radio Košice is Closest to you since 2007. This was also confirmed by the recent research, which the AKO agency implemented at the turn of February and March 2023 on a sample of 1,400 random respondents. The survey was prepared according to the international quality standards of ESOMAR, the standards of the Slovak Association of Research Agencies (SAVA), of which the AKO agency is a member.


The survey showed that the difference in listening the most commercially listened-to nationwide radio in Slovakia (Radio Expres in Košice 39.7%) and Radio Košice (Radio Košice in Košice 39.0%) is in the metropolis of the East almost negligible and at the level of statistical error. They are not separated by even one whole percentage.

The regional unit in Slovakia currently broadcasts on 16 frequencies. Of course, he has the strongest fan base in the East. “Radio Košice is among the radio stations in four districts in 1st place in usual listenership. It’s about 201 thousand peoplewhich is compared to 2020, when we also conducted the survey, an increase of more than 30%,” explained Václav Hřích from the AKO agency, which carried out the survey.

Radio Košice covers frequencies the whole east, Liptov and with one frequency already capital city. The brand, which has been on the market for almost 16 years, is well known to the public: “When determining the spontaneous knowledge of the names of regional radio stations, almost 38.9% of respondents said that Rádio Košice” added Hřích. Projected on the population, we are talking about the number of approximately 355,000 people.

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“The most frequent time for listening to Radio Košice is in the morning between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. – at this time, up to 44.1% of listeners listen to it,” reports the AKO agency. Let us remind you that the regional unit in Slovakia has been providing detailed information since the start of the broadcast Traffic service of Radio Košice, which is updated by listeners. It is they who belong to the largest audience base.

Radio Košice is most often listened to by men, between the ages of 25 and 44, it turned out to be more educated respondents overall. “When measuring supported knowledge of the names of regional radio stations, Rádio Košice was reported by up to 90% of respondents,” it is stated in the survey results.

The most common place to listen to Radio Košice is respondent’s car – said 6 out of 10 of his listeners. 4 out of 10 respondents listen to it at home, almost 19% of respondents listen to Radio Košice at work.

Radio Košice brings regional news every day, but also deals with societal issues. “The driving force of Radio Košice is our Transport service, which we have been building for many years, and today we can truly say that we can rely to the greatest extent on our listeners and their observations. Equally important is our reporting and editors, who are in the field every day, from where they bring author’s topics and reports. They have moderator inputs engaging author contentwe also give space completely new bandswe also conduct interviews with relatively unknown people, well extremely interesting people,“ said the CEO of Radio Košice, Oto Tache.

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Among all the radios that the respondents listen to personally, 22.0% of the respondents included Rádio Košice. Those who listen to Radio Košice do so every day (29,5 %), more than once a week (21.0%), less than 3 times a week (20.1%) or less often (29.2%).

“Radio Košice started as a small city radio, but the ambitions were always big. Today, we cover the entire east with frequencies, Liptov, and our Bratislava frequency is also a success. The results of this survey only motivate us to constantly work on how to maintain this position and at the same time work to be even better.” said Tache.

Children’s Radio was also created under the baton of Rádio Košice, which, not even after a year of broadcasting, seems to have found its way to an equally successful future. In the survey, his share of listenership attracted attention. Children’s radio in Košice, 1.4% of people over the age of 18 listen, which is a conversion more than 5000 people. The only children’s radio in Slovakia can currently be tuned in not only by children 🙂 from Banská Bystrica and Zvolen, while this year the frequency 98.7 will be added in Žilina and Martina.

Part of building a strong brand is also popular sports events such as Košice Night Runwhich will soon return to the running map after the pandemic hiatus, or the only run along the Košice Airport track.

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