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Rai, Giorgino away from running Tg1: Chimenti and D’Aquino at the 13.30 edition

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Rai, Giorgino away from running Tg1: Chimenti and D’Aquino at the 13.30 edition

“If we want everything to remain as it is, everything must change.” Faithful to this assumption, in Rai they have moved the head of the Deepening, Mario Orfeo, guilty of having delayed the delivery of the schedule, and then let his schedule remain almost intact. The new structure, this time signed by Antonio Di Bella, was presented informally on the Board of Directors yesterday. It is obvious, after the long Lega-Rai tug-of-war, that Francesco Giorgino does not have, as it seemed the program that he should have stolen from Ilaria D’Amico. Nothing done because Giorgino himself would have preferred his consolidated position on Tg1 rather than venturing into a program on Rai2 with uncertain results.

But it’s not that the director, Monica Maggioni, makes his life easier. This morning the news came that Francesco Giorgino, Emma D’Aquino and Laura Chimenti would have been officially removed from the conduct of the evening news program to the one that airs at lunchtime. And this is because Maggioni, as we had anticipated in the newspaper this morning, already in May had asked all the journalists of that range to be present at the press review in the morning of 6.30 which is under the responsibility of Mario Prignano. The three would have refused to undergo the tour de force while Elisa Anzaldo and Alessio Zucchini would have accepted and in fact they were not touched. It seems to have arrived from the three Aventineers, requests for the recovery of arrears of holidays and some medical certificate that has not moved Maggioni in the least, who has indeed strengthened in her idea. By now there are no margins of “private” mediation, it will be necessary to see if the RAI trade union body will act on their behalf or not. What is certain is that the three are not much loved by the rest of the young colleagues who consider them too cold and on an untouchable pedestal that Maggioni is kicking down.

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Returning to the schedules, Antonio Di Bella presented as one of the most interesting novelties coming for September, “New” precisely with Ilaria D’Amico who will conduct a prime-time program on Rai2, made by the former Iena Alessandro Sortino. Also according to Di Bella, he is the most suitable profile for a conduction and who must respond to the new reformed talk show. Therefore a program, «light, irreverent, emotional, empathetic, engaging, fun and suitable for a network based on entertainment». Therefore that it cannot create problems. The format foresees a possible soft and postponed contradiction, with the guest speaking without being interrupted, in the wake of the Ted talks (Technology Entertainment Design, a series of conferences managed by the US private non-profit organization Sapling Foundation). Then follows the debate coordinated by Ilaria D’Amico, in which “only competent people on the subject matter will participate. The program will focus its attention not only on politics, but also on the social consequences of events, with particular attention to the world of young people”.
To Lucia Annunziata one summer as a correspondent from Ukraine. You will be entrusted with the correspondence office for Rai’s in-depth programs and you will have to evaluate the impact and the right placement of the individual events to be covered and this in the summer programming. Transversal connections with Agorà Estate on Rai3, or with Tg1 Mattina, as well as with the new program “Filorosso”, conducted by Giorgio Zanchini and Roberta Rei, broadcast from June 28 in prime time, thus inheriting the space of “Cartabianca” which it will close the season on 21 June and will return early next autumn. The program by Giancarlo De Cataldo which will tell the great news stories of Italy, from Pasolini to Terry Broome, will be arranged in the late evening on Rai1 from 3 October. Marco Damilano also remains in the schedule with the daily strip “The tower and the horse”, prime time of Raitre.
And again Ezio Mauro with “Scelta” to collect the origins of the war in Ukraine, Sunday evening on Rai3. The story of “Criminal Love” changes face and becomes masculine; Claudio Amendola will reveal stories of women killed by men who claimed to love them. Also in the autumn / winter Rai, also “Basco Rosso”, for a program produced in collaboration with the carabinieri, which tells about the training of special forces. They haven’t signed yet but they seem there to do it, Alessia Marcuzzi with a show for very young people, Mara Maionchi in the difficult task of making the acceptance of her body spectacular and Alessandro Cattelan at his second chance Rai.
A complex morning for the CEO Carlo Fuortes, first audited by the Supervisory Board and then with Di Bella on the Board of Directors to illustrate the pivotal schedule, the in-depth analysis, to the directors. In a note from the Democratic Party, the group leader Valeria Fedeli and his colleague Andrea Romano wrote that the Orfeo affair, due to the modalities used in his sudden shift at the helm of Tg3, have dealt a severe blow to the authority of the Company. And just as the president of the Rai Supervisory Commission, Alberto Barachini, was advocating the idea of ​​a survey on the evaluation of pluralism by citizens: “Should guests of the talks be paid or not?”. And again in the Vigilance, the ad Fuortes presented a report on the conflict of interest between agents and artists, which shows that “There has been no violation or derogation from the Guidelines”.

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