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Raimondi: connections with ‘Ndrangheta and Cosa nostra’ – Trentino AA/S

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Raimondi: connections with ‘Ndrangheta and Cosa nostra’ – Trentino AA/S

Investigation of both the money raisers and the brokers

(ANSA) – TRENTO, MAY 30 – “The merit of the investigation is that it is not addressed only to the subjects who had the role of collecting money, but also to brokers. Therefore it also dismantles the part of the conception of the criminal system “. This was stated by the commander of the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Trento Guardia di Finanza, Salvatore La Bella, speaking of the operation started in 2019 from Trento which made it possible to dismantle an international criminal organization dedicated to laundering money deriving from drug trafficking. “There are links with the ‘Ndrangheta and Cosa nostra”, explained the public prosecutor of Trento, Sandro Raimondi.

Speaking of the operation in financial terms, added La Bella, “we have witnessed a sort of repurchase agreement, where the ready was the delivery, the sale of the drugs, which took place on credit, and the term was the method of payment, which was carried out on the black market exchange, precisely to interrupt the common thread that allows us to trace the recycling chain”. (HANDLE).

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