Home News Rain and hail, alarm on Alemagna. But bridles and storage tanks hold

Rain and hail, alarm on Alemagna. But bridles and storage tanks hold

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Rain and hail, alarm on Alemagna.  But bridles and storage tanks hold

Two flows came down, practically only water, which did not affect the houses

VELLE DEL BOX. A couple of hours of pouring rain, as often happens after periods as hot as these days. Heavy rain and even hail, especially in some stretches between Cortina and Pieve di Cadore.

In short, just enough, around 6 pm yesterday, to mobilize all the fire brigade teams in the area, both those of the permanent detachments and those of the volunteers. A commitment that ended around 9 pm. The emergency saw the completion of various interventions, divided between San Vito, Borca, Vodo, Peaio, Valle and Venas: in the latter locality, a flow luckily only liquid fell. which ended up on the street and outside the houses of Borgata Giau. The mayor Hofer was also on site: the Municipality had just done some work upstream of the village, but it was not enough. However, there are no damages of any kind to the houses, only silt and mud on the municipal road.

Flooding occurred along the axis of the Alemagna and the alarm sirens positioned in the section that passes under the Cancia landslide were also triggered: the regional civil protection, which constantly monitors that area, recorded the descent of material a lot of liquid which, however, only arrived in the accumulation tank, without affecting roads or homes. In short, the work carried out to defend the territory this time has done its duty in full.

In San Vito some manholes have jumped and some material has moved in the square, where an excavation is underway to lay the fiber: but the firefighters have immediately arranged for it. Also on the Rudan stream, in Peaio, a debris flow descended, also in this case held back by the bridle created by the regional forest services, without affecting roads and houses downstream.

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The firefighters of the various detachments were ultimately engaged for about four hours in more or less a dozen significant interventions, which, however, did not bring consequences to people or things: only stretches of roads that were difficult to walk through due to the leakage of water from some stream, water in the street

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