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Rammstein responds to allegations against Till Lindemann | > – News

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Rammstein responds to allegations against Till Lindemann |  > – News

Status: 06/04/2023 08:21 a.m

Several women accuse Rammstein singer Till Lindemann of sexually abusing them. User discussions are simmering online. The band has now spoken out on social media.

“The allegations hit us all very badly and we take them extremely seriously,” the band Rammstein announced on Saturday via their Instagram account. It is important to the musicians that their fans feel comfortable with their shows – both in front of and behind the stage. “We condemn any kind of abuse,” the band members position themselves with their post and call on their fans not to prejudice the women who have made allegations. “You have a right to your point of view,” it said. But Rammstein demands the same for himself: “We, the band, also have a right – namely not to be prejudiced either.”

Serious allegations against superstar from MV

The allegations against Till Lindemann attract a lot of attention on social media. Several women had reported abuse of power to NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung. It was also about sexual acts that they would not have consented to. Serious allegations have been circulating about the superstar from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for a week. First it was about a young woman from Ireland, she had shared her experiences from a Rammstein concert in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Heated discussion on the web

“Respect for the brave women who dared to speak up!”, “Sick music for sick people”, “Without proof, it just smells like Paulaner” or “Big surprise” are just a few of the many comments that users in the Netz discuss the allegations in the alleged Till Lindemann case. The spectrum of reactions on social media ranges from presumptions of innocence to convictions of the Rammstein frontman. It is about the suspicion that Lindemann is said to have abused several women at concerts and parties. Among other things, the Tagesschau reported on the allegations against the Rammstein singer on Friday.

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thousands of comments

The allegations not only cause a lot of conversation among fans of the band. Thousands of comments can already be found under the posting of the Tagesschau. Some users address the age difference between alleged perpetrators and alleged victims. Others are concerned with the allegation of abuse of power: “There are enough celebrities who have achieved a certain status and would think that they could do anything without having to feel the consequences,” writes the user annas.zahi under the Tagesschau article Instagram.
Parallels to the allegations against weather expert Jörg Kachelmann are repeatedly drawn in the comments. The user bstnmllr1848 writes: “I only remember the case of Kachelmann, who was innocently ‘driven through the village’ and received damage to his reputation that did him lasting damage.” Kachelmann was acquitted of the charge of rape in 2011
Education is the top priority for many users, with both the alleged victims and Lindemann being protected by the users in equal measure. Anna.luisees writes: “The comments are frightening. How victim blaming is practiced here, women are held responsible for the crimes and sexual assaults are excused.”

Two women express themselves anonymously in front of the camera and have affirmed their statements in lieu of an oath. The reporters also have further sworn testimonies from witnesses and numerous chat logs that are intended to underline parts of the allegations. questions from NDR and SZ on specific allegations left both Lindemann and the band unanswered.

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