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Rappitenderos ask the Mayor of Cali for greater security on the roads

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Rappitenderos ask the Mayor of Cali for greater security on the roads

The violent, thieves and murderers of Cali affect all unions and strata of the Valle del Cauca capital.

One of these tragic chapters has to do with the fact in which Andrés Restrepo, a rappitendero, who was attacked at dawn on June 1, lost his life.

Faced with this homicide, dozens of householders who work with applications in Cali, held a demonstration on one of the main roads of the city and in front of the Mayor’s Office, to demand that the authorities clarify this fact.

The authorities’ investigation so far defines that the home was attacked by three men who stole his cell phone and subsequently murdered him.

The request to the Mayor of Cali of the members of this union is greater security in the neighborhoods of the city; mostly during the night and early morning hours.

“We require a greater police presence in the streets during the night and early morning, so that we can work without fear. We ask that justice be done in the case of our colleague Felipe,” said Álvaro Velasco, vice president of the home workers union.

The rappitenderos are positive that the authorities carry out a prompt investigation so that the necessary measures are taken in relation to preventing these events.

What does the family of the fatality think?

Andrés Restrepo’s girlfriend detailed the facts and the null accompaniment by the authorities and the application to the 90 Minutes newscast.

“Felipe was in a Rappi Turbo warehouse located on Avenida 5ta with Calle 30 Norte, in the San Vicente neighborhood. According to the witnesses, the application called him to go to this place and while there, he found that the place was closed and the householders cannot cancel the order because they are charged a fine. According to the videos from a security camera, he had his headphones on and these people came from behind and attacked him, causing two fatal stab wounds,” said Ana Karina Vélez, the victim’s sentimental partner.

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“There you can see a car passing by and these people kind of run away. Felipe manages to run, he returns for the motorcycle and when the neighbor, who is the one who has given us all the information, comes out to help them. Two cars passed by, no one wanted to help him or take him to the hospital, there is a CAI nearby and there were no police around. Minutes later the ambulance arrived and they wrapped him in sheets because he was bleeding to death. However, the vehicle took me to a super far clinic, knowing that Uribe was closer, ”he added.

Rappi manifested?

Andrés Felipe Restrepo was 30 years old and worked as a Rappi delivery man. In fact, the night of his death, on June 1, he was passing through the San Vicente de Cali neighborhood to deliver an address.

Through a statement, the Rappi delivery company regretted the death of its collaborator and expressed its condolences to the family, with whom they say they contacted “to accompany them in this difficult moment.”

“Likewise, we proceeded together with the insurer with the activation of the insurance policy that covered Mr. Andrés Felipe Restrepo,” they add.

Finally, they announced the measures they will take to prevent a similar tragedy from happening again: “As part of our commitment to citizen security, we will continue to develop preventive actions to prevent cases like this from happening again. In particular, the security of the Turbo store will be reinforced, and its hours of operation will be modified”.

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