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Reactions to the outcome of 2022 policies: from Salvini to Ricciardi

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Reactions to the outcome of 2022 policies: from Salvini to Ricciardi

«Undoubtedly we cannot fail to attribute the victory to the right dragged by Giorgia Meloni. It is a sad evening for the country ». The Pd group leader in the Chamber, Debora Serracchiani, shows up shortly after 1 am at the press conference at the Nazarene. She admits the defeat for the center-left while the projections describe and consolidate a result that marks a turning point, but, she emphasizes, “with this electoral law the right has a majority in Parliament, but does not have a majority in the country. The third pole did not reach the goal it had set itself, with a result not up to expectations ».

Serracchiani: “Sad evening but we are the first opposition force. Third pole below expectations”


Casellati: Meloni great woman and great leader
“No veto to Meloni as premier, she made a beautiful electoral campaign, she is a great woman, a great leader, she has achieved an extraordinary result, why not”. You said it in Potenza, the president of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati-candidate in Basilicata for the uninominal in the Senate.

La Russa: “The numbers will allow us to govern”
“It seems to me that the majority that will be foreshadowing will allow us to govern. I am very optimistic about the solidity and compactness of the center right ». Thus the senator of Fdi Ignazio La Russa, speaking at the headquarters of the party set up at the Hotel Parco dei Principi.

Conte 1
«The Five and Star Movement has made a great comeback. Everyone wanted us out of parliament, they gave us a single figure, swooping, downhill. We are now the third largest political force and have a great responsibility. For the M5S a role of opposition is looming: we will show courage, determination and we will be concentrated to carry out the program illustrated in the electoral campaign ». Then on the victory of Giorgia Meloni the jab at the Democratic Party: “The various choices made by the leaders of the Democratic Party have compromised the electoral campaign and a political offer that could compete with a center-right that presented itself united”. But she leaves a window to a dialogue: “If the Pd wants to join our battles in the opposition, we will discuss it, but without any sign or agreement”.
Conte 2
“The center-right will be the majority in parliament but not in the country. It is the result of this electoral law. We will immediately start a battle to overcome this electoral law ». Thus the president of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte, speaking from the headquarters of the Movement.
Salvini, Lega: it will be a long night thanks
Matteo Salvini does not talk about the result of the League, but entrusts his exultation on Twitter to that of the coalition: “Center-right has a clear advantage both in the House and in the Senate, it will be a long night, but I want to say thank you from now on”. And accompanying the message are two icons, a heart and a muscular arm. For the rest, mouths sewn in via Bellerio, the historic headquarters of the League, where Salvini arrived at half past ten driving his car. Among the exponents of the Carroccio who came to follow the electoral results here are senators Edoardo Rixi and Massimiliano Romeo. The latter, to the journalists present who asked him if he had any expectations on the results, replied in a few words: “We are confident, we are always optimistic”.
Orban to Meloni, “Friends for a common vision of EU challenges”
“In these difficult times, we more than ever need friends who share a common vision and approach to the challenges of Europe”: so on Twitter Balazs Orban, political director of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and member of the Hungarian Parliament, who addresses the his “compliments” to Giorgia Meloni, Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini for the result in the Italian elections.

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Ricciardi, M5S: we are not stardust
Greeted by a long applause The president of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte walked to the headquarters of the 5 Star Movement in via di Campo Marzio, announcing a press conference. At the beginning of the evening, the vice president Riccardo Ricciardi spoke from the Roman headquarters about the result of the Movement: “” They were talking about stardust “and instead we are the third party in this country, no one would have bet on it – he says to connected with Mentana on La7- . We will talk about inequalities, we will defend the citizenship income, we will bring the minimum wage ».

Boccia, Pd: “I don’t risk predictions but there will be surprises”
Guest of Porta a Porta on Rai1, Francesco Boccia of the Pd flaunts optimism: «I think we will have surprises because it was a very bad and harsh election campaign, but also very true. But I don’t gamble forecasts, let’s see what happens ».

Toti, Noi Moderati: “Obvious data is growing abstention”
“It will be a long night. For now, just one consideration, which I hope worries everyone in the same way: abstention is confirmed on the rise, even in political consultations, when Italians usually go to the polls with great civic sense. We need to work a lot on this ». Giovanni Toti, of Noi Moderati, comments on Facebook on the first data in view of the electoral results.

Tajani, Forza Italia: “Determinants for victory and government”
“Forza Italia is decisive for the victory of the center-right and will be decisive for the formation of the new government. With numbers and contents. We are also confident for our Renato Schifani’s victory in Sicily ». Antonio Tajani, national coordinator of Forza Italia entrusts his comment to Facebook and Twitter. Then, Tajani talks about the leader of FdI: “We have no prejudices towards Giorgia Meloni, but the decision (on who will be the name indicated for the presidency of the Council, ed) will come after a meeting of Berlusconi, Salvini and Meloni and with the President of the Republic who will have the last word, because it is the Constitution that provides for it ». This was said by the national coordinator of Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani from the headquarters of the blue group in the Chamber.

Boschi, Italia Viva: “Read error, Third pole gets votes”
«Letta and the Democratic Party made a mistake when they did not want to make an agreement with us saying that we were losing votes. We are able to take the votes, and how ». Maria Elena Boschi, group leader of Italia viva in the Chamber, comments on the first results of the elections.

Rosato, Italia Viva: the center-right no longer exists but the right
“Do you see me sad? The only sad thing is that it has been stated that there is no center-right but the right that won the elections, if the data are confirmed ”. Thus commenting on the first data of the elections to the electoral committee of the Third Pole.

Bonelli, green-left: great success but without cohesion
«For us a great success, the result of a great mobilization. But there is the victory of the right. There is a regret. If our words had been accepted, if we had all been united, putting divisions aside, we would not have handed the country over to an extreme right – so Angelo Bonelli, speaking to the electoral committee -. Now is the time for maximum mobilization within the institutions to defend not only the institutions but also civil and social rights ”.

Comparison, Italexit: low turnout is not good for country
«The result of Italexit below expectations? Our bet was to overcome the barrier and we were hoping for a higher turnout. I don’t think such a low turnout is good for the country ». The leader of Italexit, Gianluigi Paragone, says this on the news of La7. “It’s a red light on the dashboard of the future ruling class.”

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