Home News Read: “The Lega’s tear on the fiscal delegation is very serious. Draghi go ahead “

Read: “The Lega’s tear on the fiscal delegation is very serious. Draghi go ahead “

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ROME. Following the conduct held by the League today on the fiscal delegation, the secretary Pd Enrico Letta summoned the dem ministers to the Nazarene, with the group leaders and the deputy secretaries to evaluate the umpteenth tear of the Carroccio. At the end of the meeting, Letta said to the microphones of Tg3: «The tear that the League is making is very serious and incomprehensible. We ask Draghi to go on ».

Thus Matteo Salvini justified the position of his party: «The non-vote of the Lega to the fiscal delegation took place because it does not contain what was in the agreements. Problem of method: the ministers of the League cannot have such an important document in their hands at 1.30 pm, to discuss it at 2.00 pm We are not talking about the horoscope ». And then: «It is not a government crisis. There is a government that needs to make it clear that it is not the time to raise taxes. No tearing, simply clarity. At this moment, increasing a tax for an Italian by one euro is not good ”.

Evident the satisfaction of the dem secretary for the last round of elections, which also saw him win the alternatives in Siena for admission to Parliament: the indication that comes from the vote is that “we are on the right path, a center-left who it widens, puts the best candidates on the field, which rewards the value of proximity ». For the second rounds, “no summit agreements, we said it from the beginning: they are elections for cities, so civic spirit prevails. It will be the individual candidates who will speak to the voters and the voters will have to choose knowing that it is not the second half of a match, but the ballot is a whole other game in which the voters have to decide between two. And our candidates are convinced that they will be convincing ».

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