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Readings for the weekend “An unusual story”

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Readings for the weekend “An unusual story”

The year was 1802 when a soldier from Cuenca of the Crown Infantry Regiment, garrisoned in Valladolid, named Mariano Coronado, was arrested for robbery with homicide and sentenced by a military court to capital punishment. In order to serve such a sentence, as was the custom, he prepared everything in the Plaza Mayor of Valladolid for his hanging, which one morning finally took place. Once hanged, assuming that the soldier had died, his body was lowered from the scaffold and the Sisters of Charity took care of him. But, on the way to the morgue, one of the nuns saw how the corpse moved a hand. Little by little, thanks to the care of the nuns, the hanged man came back to life. But then the big question arose: what to do with it. After thoughtful reflection and timely consultation with the king himself, it was decided that the prisoner had complied with justice: he had been sentenced to be hanged and had been hanged, for which the sentence was satisfied. Consequently, surprisingly, Mariano Coronado was released, although he was expelled from the city. In return, it was decided to prosecute the executioner, considering that he could be guilty of the prisoner being alive, but finally the judge concluded that he had done his job well and that the “fault” of what happened lay in having lowered him too soon from the rope, which was not a basis for any conviction. Meanwhile, the lucky soldier had secretly returned to Valladolid, apparently to take revenge on an old girlfriend who had betrayed him. Justice arrested him again and, this time, he made sure that the banishment was effective, for which he was sent to Vigo and there embarked for Puerto Rico, where he lost track. Apparently the soldier never arrived in Puerto Rico because during the voyage, while walking over the side of the ship that was taking him to the Caribbean island, he tripped over a rope that wrapped around his neck and threw him into the sea after dying. hanged.

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