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rearrangement of the rights

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Some far-right forces remain in power in Europe and others arrive. In Italy, Mrs. Giorgia Meloni, from the Fratelli D Italia party, won in coalition with Salvini (League) and Berlusconi (Forza Italia), they organize a nationalist, anti-immigration and anti-European union discourse; In Poland and Slovenia, ultra-rightists are present in power; in Castilla y León, an autonomous government of Spain, there is a presence of the far-right party VOX.

Until recently ultras were ruling in Austria, Finland and the Netherlands.

The countries where a sanitary cordon is placed on the ultras, or red lines, as who says do not approach because they represent a risk to Democracy, are: Belgium, France and Germany. In Spain, too, but after the bitter experience of Pedro Sánchez, a socialist who in 2019 tried to form a coalition with the PP, a Francoist party and they made life impossible for him, they twinned with VOX, until he approached the Podemos party and nationalist minorities.

In Hungary Viktor Orban, after 4 consecutive victories, has been in charge of the State for 12 years. Says the journalist Fernanda Hernández Orozco, “the relations of Orbán’s Hungary with the European Union have been tense. In February, the Court of Justice of the European Union began to restrict the sending of funds to Hungary for breaching European standards.

It may happen in some countries that the populist ultra-right (with figures such as Trump, Orbam…), surpasses the role of the traditional/conventional/formal parties, and goes on to overshadow them, confronting the candidate of the opposite pole, from the left, while others Political parties are located in the field of the political center and fail to interpret the anxieties and aspirations of the population that settles at both extremes.

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