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Received “salary subsidy” and paid 10,000 yuan to V company? Beware of new scams! -Warning!-cnBeta.COM

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Today (September 15), Jiangsu Internet Police and CCTV News WeChat public account released a new article with the original title of “Be wary! Don’t receive this “salary subsidy”. The article tells that Ms. Xu, a citizen of Nanjing, Jiangsu, received an e-mail with the content of “Wage Subsidy Notice” in the corporate mailbox.


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The email shows that you only need to scan the QR code attached to the email and fill in the information truthfully according to the process to get a “salary subsidy”.

After scanning the QR code, Ms. Xu filled in her bank card number and personal information as required on the web page, and then received a text message verification code. Maybe Ms. Xu did not look carefully, but the verification code clearly shows that this bank card is about to pay 10,000 yuan to V company! After entering the verification code into the webpage, Ms. Xu received the deduction notice and then responded that she was fooled, and immediately called the police.

According to the Internet police, in such cases, the scammers used technical means to break into the company’s corporate mailbox, and issued the “latest salary subsidy notice” in the name of the company’s finances, and specifically stated that “received not to speak” and “expires” shall be deemed to have been given up. “It makes it easier for victims to get into trouble, ignoring the clear warning content in the SMS of the bank verification code.

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After the victim enters the information requested by the webpage, the scammer will use the UnionPay payment function to purchase rechargeable cards or virtual items through remote operations, and then quickly realize the cash.

Cyber ​​police reminder

This type of fraud is in its initial outbreak period. The person in charge of the company should check the login mode of the corporate mailbox, and activate the security authentication and secondary authentication functions, and also remind employees to receive salary subsidies from regular channels; Relevant departments of the company have verified that it is clear and do not believe it lightly; you do not need to provide bank card passwords and mobile phone verification codes to receive any subsidies, and these information must not be told to others.

The Internet police finally reminded that if you encounter fraud, you must keep the chat records, transaction records and other relevant evidence materials, and call the police for help in time.


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