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Reclamation and safety of the nature ring in Valle di Canzoi: here’s another 10 thousand euros

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Reclamation and safety of the nature ring in Valle di Canzoi: here’s another 10 thousand euros

The 25,000 euros net of VAT allocated by the Belluno Dolomites National Park to carry out the work on the nature ring in the Canzoi Valley are not enough. We need to add over 10 thousand more, which the Municipality of Cesiomaggiore puts in, because when Michele Canal’s “Lavori Boschivi e Edili” company began the intervention, it appeared clear how to be able to proceed with the reclamation and restoration of the route, it was first necessary to cut, remove the plants that had fallen on the path, clean the trunks of branches and roots and stack everything in suitable places, as well as retrace the path, which in some points you can no longer see, and make it safe.

This is accounted for in a decision by the Municipality with which the additional task is assigned to the same company that started the work. For the logging intervention, preparatory to the restoration and redevelopment of the nature ring, forbidden to travel by a Park ordinance which now dates back to June of a year ago, it is not possible to intervene with another company as there is a strict and inseparable correlation with the processes in progress which do not allow their separation”, is highlighted in the document. «In the previous contractual relationship, the company has demonstrated high professionalism and reliability, offering maximum availability, as well as compliance with the agreed times and costs, smoothly, punctually, and guarantees a high degree of satisfaction gained in the previous experience also for the level competitiveness of the price offered”.

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The Ring had been built and maintained for years by the Pro loco of Soranzen which was taken over by the Park in the mid-1990s on land owned by the Utb (Territorial Environment Office), today the Carabinieri Forestali. Completely damaged by Vaia, it was partially restored by the Civil Protection in the Pretòn-Casera La Stua section, but the most suggestive section is precisely the one that borders the lake and proceeds to Pian del Gozo. It will be usable again with two distinct interventions, that of cleaning from the crashes that lie and that of redevelopment, made by the same hand.

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