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Recommendations for eating fish during Holy Week

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Holy Week is approaching in Colombia, which begins to be celebrated from Palm Sunday, March 24, and will continue until Easter Sunday, March 31. As part of the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church.

As part of the tradition during this season is to stop consuming some foods such as red meat. Specifically during three days of Lent, which are Ash Wednesday, Thursday and Good Friday.

Instead of consuming beef, pork, lamb, goose, deer, goat, among other types of red meat; They opt for white meats such as fish.

The importance of this protein during Holy Week dates back to the history of the multiplication of loaves and fish. As well as the fact that four of the 12 disciples chosen by Jesus were fishermen.

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However, the consumption of fish in poor conditions has affected people’s health. In the last year, 51 events of Foodborne Diseases (ETAs) were recorded. And during 2024, with a cut-off date of January 31, five cases have been registered. To avoid contracting any type of disease from eating spoiled fish, keep the following in mind:

Check characteristics such as color, smell and texture: avoid buying fish and fishing products in places that do not comply with sanitary measures or that cannot always keep these products refrigerated or frozen.

Consumption and marketing of river lobster and sabanero crab: given the presence of river lobster and sabanero crab in the city, a special call is made to citizens not to consume these species that transmit parasites and represent a danger to human health.

Normally, these species can be found in market squares and street vendors and are prepared in typical “aphrodisiac” drinks; however, their consumption and commercialization is prohibited.

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