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Record of infections among the smallest. Schools emptied of quarantines

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ROMA – In Genoa the quarantined classes exploded over the weekend: there were six, still counted last Friday and awaiting the results of the swabs made during the week. Now there are 85. And 16 percent of teachers are missing in municipal kindergartens. In Veneto, pending the official data that will arrive in two days, the class groups sent to distance learning are estimated to increase. In the absence of the numbers offered – systematically – by the Ministry of Education to measure the feared restart of the school year after the Christmas holidays, we rely on the indications of individual Regions and administrations, which each proceed according to a free statistical step.

It is certain, and also obvious, that the cases of positivity in the classroom have increased, driven by primary schools. The increase is likely to be substantial. It is once again certain that the situation is getting out of hand in several schools. Here’s what it says Valeria Sentili, director of the comprehensive Francesca Morvillo Institute in Rome: “I have just asked ASL Roma 2 to close the complex in via Siculiana due to the exorbitant growth of infections”. He says exorbitant. “I received a refusal because, they explained to me, the situation is common to all schools. This year the institutes, instead of closing by ordinance, are closing from class to class. We are exhausted. I spent twelve hours ahead between Saturday and Sunday. at the computer with my collaborators. It’s just too much. “

School, the Dad disaster in the middle. And parents make up teachers

by Valeria Strambi, Corrado Zunino

From Bogliasco, Sori and Pieve, which are the three municipalities immediately east of Genoa, the sense of exhaustion of an education under stress for two seasons is given by the principal of the comprehensive school of the area, Enrica Montobbio. On the electronic register he wrote to his parents: “Who can come and replace the absent teachers”. There are forty classes in all missing from childhood, elementary and middle school. In a few hours, mothers and fathers responded to the appeal by turning over their CVs. The territorial school office wanted to specify that, in the meantime, the empty chairs had been covered with the normal procedures.

The most reliable teacher groups on Facebook count, from the inside, at least one class out of every two with a minimum positive student, and therefore with a segment of Dad started. In addition to the absences, whether justified or not, there is a bureaucratic plethora of requests for tests, swabs to be done, results to be shown to the doctor remotely, authorizations to return to obtain that made the first school week of 2022 cumbersome and continuously delayed. The minister Patrizio Bianchi Sunday evening, after admitting that “there are problems”, he also announced a streamlining of the procedures for returning from quarantine and the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, is now preparing to launch a circular in which it is reiterated that, for those in self-monitoring, the return buffer is not required, which is arbitrarily requested by some schools.

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The president of the National Association of Principals, Antonello Giannelli, underlines that “the catastrophe”, quoted by the minister, was avoided by the school administrators and adds: “The effectiveness of mixed teaching in secondary schools, carried out partly in presence and partly at a distance with a composition that changes every day, it is questionable and presents problems that risk jeopardizing its validity “. Walter Ricciardi, consultant to Minister Speranza: “The infections in the classrooms are growing, the problem remains. We all want the school to remain open, but for this to happen we need to change pace and make serious investments”.


With too many pupils at home

even the internet goes haywire

One in 5 teachers is at home in isolation, quarantine and suspension. Few alternates, hundreds of classes in Dad (Friday in Turin there were 120), some even with only one positive, and Ffp2 never arrived. Critical cases include the elementary Carducci, which remained closed because it had no collaborators. And the criticalities of the restart in some schools, such as the Berti high school (where there are over 300 pupils out of 1,300 at home), are added the overload of the networks and the difficulties of managers and Covid representatives who work non-stop even on weekends.

cristina palace


The many absences weigh heavily
even among professors

Absences among the staff weigh heavily, which for the Lombardy PNA involve about 10 percent of workers, of which a thousand are suspended because they have not been vaccinated. And, while self-supervised classes and in Dad increase, one in ten students in many institutions has taken their first online lessons because they were infected (or contacted) during the holidays. In the week between 27 December and 2 January, this is the most up-to-date figure, the new positives recorded among the Lombard under 18s were 43,318.
sara bernacchia

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Uphill curve on return
a thousand classes with a positive

Return from holidays with a vertical surge in infections also in Veneto. The latest bulletin issued is that of January 13, which indicated 1,039 classes with at least one positive and 254 in quarantine: 20,780 students involved, of which 5,080 in Dad. The Region is compiling the new report, which will be released the day after tomorrow but it is likely that the numbers have risen considerably, with over 300 classes in quarantine. The president Luca Zaia admitted: “The contact tracing is skipped”.

enrico ferro


In municipal kindergartens
one teacher out of six is ​​ill

In the province of Genoa, 85 classes are in quarantine. The rapid increase is mainly caused by the spread of infections among the little ones. Most of the cases concern primary school, with 47 classes in distance learning. Middle school with 14 cases followed, high school with 14 cases and kindergarten with 5 cases. Finally, 5 other cases to professional training courses. As for municipal kindergartens, here too the situation is critical: 210 sick teachers out of 1,300, 538 positive children out of about 5,000.
alberto bruzzone

Emilia Romagna

Omicron in nests and nurseries
closes one section out of 5

The Region has not given the figures on the situation of schools: at least the end of this week is expected. Some figures come from Bologna, where Omicron has especially affected the little ones. As the municipal councilor Daniele Ara explains: “We are 63 closed sections out of 330, in municipal nurseries and nursery schools. There was a boom at the weekend and even if we always talk about positives with few symptoms, it is evident that we have entered the acute phase “. For high school there are some cases of schools with a third of the classes in quarantine.

caterina giusberti


For the past seven days

17 thousand cases of school age

In Tuscany, in the first week of school reopening, 17,396 new cases of Covid were recorded among pupils. From 3 to 9 January, however, the new infected in the 0-18 age group were 15,698 and in that from 27 December to 2 January 11,645. The highest growth occurred in the primary, where it went from 3,906 new cases at the beginning of January to 5,101 last week. A surge that, according to the unions, has led to more and more quarantines and therefore to the passage of hundreds of classes to Dad.

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In ten classrooms per school
no face-to-face teaching

One week after the reopening, the Lazio classrooms in quarantine, self-surveillance or surveillance are 7,000: about 10 per school. Already on the first day of school, in the comprehensive Paolo Stefanelli, a case of Covid was recorded: a student who returned from vacation with the one who had been caught for a cold. In some schools, such as IC Francesca Morvillo, all the classes are in mixed teaching: none in attendance at 100%. Those who got infected during the holidays are returning: 25,000 students were absent on 10 January.

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Open at the behest of the Tar
but already 10% in quarantine

Seven days after the reopening of the schools, wanted by the TAR against the ordinance of the Region, the toll of infections in the classroom counts, in central Naples, 145 positives and 570 school contacts in quarantine. And therefore a large number of classes are in Dad or Ddi. In Campania, according to unofficial estimates by managers and trade unions, they are less than 10 percent. It means, with 43,700 Campania classes, that those in Dad are about 4,000. A week ago, according to Anp Campania, there were 2,000.
bianca de fazio


In Dad 3% of the classes
principals: 14%

Puglia, the region that has the record of vaccinated in the 5-11 range (40.6% received the first dose) has few positive students: they are 1,634 out of 551,238, 0.3%, according to the Region. Instead, the infected teachers are 171, the other positive school operators are 9. The close contacts are instead 13,668 among the students (2.5%) and 382 among the teachers. According to the report, there are 818 quarantined classes out of 27,618, or 2.96 percent. Higher numbers in a survey of principals, who estimate 14% of classes to be Dad or mixed didactics.

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